Ten Life Lessons the Simpsons Taught Us Over the Years

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1 Family always stick together, no matter what

The Simpsons has demonstrated this several times in the past 25 Years, for example, when Homer was accused for sexually harassing a woman, Marge and the Kids stood by his side, when Bart was getting death threats by Sideshow Bob, they stood by his side - RickyReeves

2 It takes no time to build trust – only if you want to

Watch Lisa on Ice and you'll see the flashbacks of Bart and Lisa lending each other a helping hand. If you remember this bit, that's what I'm talking about. - RickyReeves

3 You should always have your friends back, no matter how different they are

"I cannot bail on a friend, even if it is Ralph" Said by Bart Simpson in 'This Little Wiggy' when he faces a dilemma whether he should ditch Ralph and go into the prison with the bullies, or stick with Ralph. This shows how friends should always have your backs and vice versa, - RickyReeves

4 It's ok to be whatever you want to be and you'll be accepted, eventually

This is a good example too. Lisa's views are very different from other Springfieldians in various episodes, and her family, but she is accepted too, also when Homer was against John because he was gay and he was afraid that Bart was gay too, John saved Homer and Homer accepted John as a friend. - RickyReeves

5 Find something to live for

This is also a good example, Homer goes to work not because he has to, he does it for Maggie. - RickyReeves

6 Siblings are our most valuable asset

Even if you hate your brother/sister so much, they are very important to you. Bart and Lisa, they don't like each other very much, they always look out for each other, for example, Bart got Michael Jackson, or Leon, to sing for her on her birthday, Bart bought the Bleeding Gums Murphy Album after his death for Lisa because she was the only one who believed him when he swallowed a jagged metal in his krusty cereal. - RickyReeves

7 Don't Get Drunk

All of the characters that drink end up really dumb. - RalphBob

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