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I wish I was born in 1994, not 2008, Imagine being told not to watch 13+ stuff while 13 years of age.

Thirteen sucked. Puberty, and I got braces on the tail end of it,

When puberty hits

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This age surmised in one sentence: 13 year olds making fun of you for being 1 year younger, wishing you where 13 so you can be on most websites and be 'cool', adults treating you like you haven't changed at all since you where 5. In short, terrible age to be.

It's funny because when you're making fun of the sixth graders... you don't realize that you were one just years earlier.

Most 12-year-old kids are immature. This needs to be #1

3 18

The age in which one becomes an adult by law but biologically and mentally are still technically considered an adolescent and the numerical definition of a teenager. Most 18 year olds I have encountered are not so different than someone between the ages of 15-17 besides now being legally able to do whatever they please, but not drink. They are trusted enough to vote for their nation's next leader and kill other people from across the globe but will be charged for even possessing a single alcoholic beverage. I am in my mid 20s and honestly 18-20 year olds seem like kids to me. I truly believe the age of legal adulthood should be risen to 21.

Should be #1 because you become an adult. Adulthood sucks

The minimum adult age is three sixes for a reason.

4 11

I'm curretly 11 and it's a terrible age to be at this is possible the first time you have to watch your annoying siblings and
school work gets harder every time as you age out this is probably hard when your going to middle school and let me tell you the social studies teacher is too strict and the work is way too hard damn can't wait to be 12

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6 16

16 is when you cause lot of troubles, and "sweet 16" sounds disgusting. "Sweet 17" sounds nicer. Plus "sixteen" sounds arrogant and unpleasant, should be in top 3

To be honest, most 16 year olds are reckless and rebellious. They go crazy while driving car. They really like to fight also.

"Sixteen" sounds nasty and inappropriate. It's almost like saying "sex teen" which is to have a sex with teenagers. Also having sex with 16-year-olds are ephebophiles. Should be #1

7 15

Funny how this is #15. It's basically just as bad as 12-14.

8 14

The original age of leaving school.
My nan did and she told me that she went to an Elementary School when she was little, I wonder when they changed it to Primary and the age for finishing, which went up to 15, then 16 and I think it could be 18 now :O

Probably the beginning of one of the worst stages in your teenage years as your brain and hormones start to change overtime due to puberty.

This is even worse if you're a late bloomer like me. You have to deal with everyone else bragging about their maturity.

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PSSST don't upset the adult babies and in a way 1-4 was an easier time of ones life. Even if you don't really have much memory or no memory at all of 0-2.
Would you like to eat some Farley's Rusks lol.

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I got my glasses, now I have to wear contacts.

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18 50
19 0

This was a very boring age. I don't even remember anything about it!

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23 20

20 is absolutely awful because you are no longer a teenager so people will be harsher on you when you make mistakes. 18-19 is so much better as you get to have all the rights of an adult but allowed to make mistakes because you're still a teen/adolescent. I see people online call 18/19 year olds kids and 20/21 year olds grown adults it doesn't make sense to me.

Yes, when I was 20 years old, I disliked my life SO MUCH, because I was in my second year of college, too many classes, too many responsibilities, no freedom, and EVERYONE was strict to me, and I despised it every time my dad said "you are an adult" as a reason I should only study my current subjects and nothing else, that I constantly dreamed of getting younger to my elementary school self and watching all those baby shows and playing all those Disney toys and doodling all those cartoons I wanted to. And that was in 2018.

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Having to wait to be 18 to do stuff would be especially annoying at this age.

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