Top 10 Most Likeable Character in Ever After High

Here is the list most likeable characters of ever after high. Enjoy voting

The Top Ten

1 Raven Queen Raven Queen

She is probably the best character I have ever seen! - Disneyworld

I love her! she is the best character ever

I love you! raven - dreamgirl

2 Madeline Hatter Madeline Hatter

Join Madeline Hatter in the world of madness - Disneyworld

She is so adorable! she is my favorite character in this series because for her funny personality

3 Cerise Hood

She is my favorite character because she is loyal

4 Darling Charming
5 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella

I don't like her at all. Sorry.

I love her

6 Cedar Wood
7 Apple White Apple White

She was my favorite but after watching the episode- legacy day, I found her selfish - Disneyworld

She is more likeable in Epic Winter

I also hate her

8 Poppy 'o' Hair
9 Briar Beauty Briar Beauty

I hate that idiotic girl

She should be at the top

10 Kitty Cheshire
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