Top 10 Most Likely Deaths If One Became the Last Person on Earth

The Top Ten Most Likely Deaths If One Became the Last Person on Earth


Wouldn’t it be hard to get a disease though since there would be nobody to spread a contagious disease? As long as you stay relatively healthy you shouldn’t have to worry about anything severe right? - Randomator

I didn't think of it that way. Good point. I was more thinking there be harder access to medicine and materials, no doctors, and eventually, no electricity for things that help people physically. - ParasN2000


You would get so depressed without people. Then unfortunately commit suicide. - 2storm

Yeah it would be so depressing being the last human alive - Randomator

Eventually suffer from long term loneliness that eventually leads to suicide, or long lasting depression symptoms that gradually heightens chances of stroke or heart attack. Unless if you’re lucky to find and tame some animal as companionship, it would help to some extent. - Leafeon

Vehicle Accident

Could happen considering there would be no police anymore. So you could drive pretty reckless. - Randomator

Alcohol Poisoning
Accidental Overdose
Food Poisoning
Bleeding to Death
Burnt to Death
Accidentally Blowing Themselves Up
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