Most Likely Future Busts in the 2018 NFL Draft

This is a list of players in the 2018 NFL Draft who are least likely to succeed in their careers.
The Top Ten
1 Baker Mayfield Baker Reagan Mayfield is an American football quarterback for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League.

The Browns are so stupid that they drafted a carbon copy of their 2014 draft bust in 2018. It was at one point funny to watch the Browns fail. It became depressing for awhile, but now it's back to being funny again. - phillysports

#1 overall to the Cleveland Browns. Critics have noted his perceived Manziel-esque immaturity as a detrimental factor in his future career.

2 Josh Allen

#7 overall to the Buffalo Bills.

3 Lamar Jackson

I think he'll succeed actually, based on the fact that his competition isn't too stiff. It's only Joe Flacco and Robert Griffin. He's Baltimore's future - PackFan2005

#32 overall to the Baltimore Ravens.

4 Rashaad Penny

#27 overall to the Seattle Seahawks.

5 Kolton Miller

#15 overall to the Oakland Raiders.

6 Billy Price

#21 overall to the Cincinnati Bengals.

7 Josh Rosen

#10 overall to the Arizona Cardinals.

8 Da'Ron Payne

#13 overall to the Washington Redskins.

9 Frank Ragnow

#20 overall to the Detroit Lions.

10 Sam Darnold

He is probably going to succeed!

The Contenders
11 Isaiah Wynn

#23 overall to the New England Patriots.

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