Top Ten Most Likely Subjects for Calendars Bought for 2017


The Top Ten

1 Kelly Brook
2 Scarlett Johansson

Wouldn't waste a dime for twelve months of this empty-headed, social-justice ignoramus. If boobs was brains, she'd be a minor genius. But that, like her political musings, simply is not reality.

3 Justin Bieber
4 The Walking Dead
5 George Clooney
6 Gleb Savchenko
7 Game of Thrones
9 Women of FHM
10 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Friendship Games

I would love one with Twilight and Sunset on the cover... - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

11 Jorgie Porter
12 Mispronounced Words and Phrases
13 The Secret Life of Pets
14 Finding Dory
15 Poldark Poldark Poldark is a British-American drama television series that was first broadcast on BBC One on 8 March 2015. The first eight-part series was based on the first two Poldark novels by Winston Graham, adapted by Debbie Horsfield and directed by Edward Bazalgette and Will McGregor.
16 Horses
17 Sherlock
18 Quotes of Double-Entrendes and Priceless Innuendos

I remember the night I lay on my bed, squirming and moaning and occasionally arching my back, knees bent, legs apart. My whole body soaked in sweat. My fingernails dug into my partner's flesh. He grunted in pain but he understood the need I had. The need we both had.

He breathed into my ear: "Gotta push. Push! So close, baby..."
I moaned loudly again. I could feel something happening, something stirring inside of me.
" close...! "
One final push and it was over. We both relaxed, exhausted against the bed. My partner stroked my damp hair away from my forehead; then kissed my lips tenderly.
I looked into my baby's piercing blue eyes and said, tearfully, "Meet your daddy."
;). - Britgirl

Love a good double insinuendorator:).

19 Overbite County's Twelve Lovliest Hinds
20 Funny Quotes

...And hillbillies...haha. What're you like, eh? :). I'd buy it! - Britgirl

21 Gentlemen Placing Delicate Tea Cups to Their Lips
22 Hayrides

...And twelve whole glorious months of it too... ;). - Britgirl

23 Raspberries
24 Nuts

...And my walnut crushers! - Britgirl

Wimmens - squirrels. Six o' one - dozen t'other.

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