Best Lil Meerkat Songs

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1 Bohemian Rhapsody Bohemian Rhapsody Cover Art

A touching story about Lil Meerkat’s life and hard times. Makes me cry. It talks with me about how he wants to die which is emotional (but seriously it is hilarious, like the actual song), too with his great (well at least hilarious) rapping.
(By the way, it is actually really catchy when you look on it seriously.)

This is still a legit good song. Also, the lyrics are very meme related which is already a sign it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

I only like the piano during the beat.

This is his best song

2 Infinite Bodypillows Infinite Bodypillows Cover Art

Hell yeah! Infinite Bodypillows is Lil Meerkat’s best, hands down. No but seriously, the beat is incredible with that guitar and extreme drumming. Even the piano part comes in well. As for the lyrics, it’s cool there as well. The metaphors are insane in a good way that fit in. Dang creativity! Even his vocals fit in well and are actually ON BEAT. The legend shall live on with this!

Another legendary song.

3 Todokete Todokete Cover Art

Honestly, you can admit that electro beat is well made no matter what. And this song has epic bars and flows thrown out to create a fantastic Love Life diss.

This artist is peak comedy, no doubt.
As a SiIvaGunner fan, my vote goes to this song though.

4 Anime Waifu Anime Waifu Cover Art

Damn. That beat is actually one hell of a lit one! For the lyrics, well he’s rapping about his legit passion for anime and does it in a cool way to be catchy. - Bammer73

5 Bohemian Rhapsody 2 Bohemian Rhapsody 2 Cover Art

More iconic real sprite! It might be a little less iconic than the original, but it's still great for humor and also being catchy. - Bammer73

6 I Read Lots of Fanfiction I Read Lots of Fanfiction Cover Art

You gotta love the distorted part, it’s amazing. And the great lyrics about reading fanfiction, what ain’t to love? - Bammer73

7 I’m Richer Than You I’m Richer Than You Cover Art

Just admit it haters, Lil Meerkat and Submarine Man are legends that are richer than you. Suck it up. - Bammer73

8 Commitin Tax Fraud Commitin Tax Fraud Cover Art

A great beat while Lil Meerkat raps on how he hates taxes in an admittedly catchy way. - Bammer73

9 Inhale Your Shoulders (Outro) Inhale Your Shoulders (Outro) Cover Art

Who doesn’t love a nice tune and inspirational lyrics to inhale, right? - Bammer73

10 Sanic the Legend Sanic the Legend Cover Art

Sonic gamers rise up! This is Sonic anthem with epic rapping flows. - Bammer73

The Contenders
11 Nibba, Get Your Own Fursuit! Nibba, Get Your Own Fursuit! Cover Art

Wait, so Lil Meerkat is a furry? Cool! - RiverVibeZ

12 I Eat My Own A** I Eat My Own A** Cover Art

Yum! I wanna eat my own a** now.

13 Thicc AF Thicc AF Cover Art
14 My Discord Hella Lit My Discord Hella Lit Cover Art
15 Let’s Mine the Emeralds Let’s Mine the Emeralds Cover Art


16 You Know, Sonic is Pretty Hot You Know, Sonic is Pretty Hot Cover Art

Yes, he is. I agree. - RiverVibeZ

17 You Finna Nut Baby You Finna Nut Baby Cover Art
18 My Fanfiction My Fanfiction Cover Art
19 Meerkat Rap Meerkat Rap Cover Art
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