Best Lil Mosquito Disease's Infection Songs

This was a pretty bad album, however i think that it must be ranked

The Top Ten

1 Issa Banger Issa Banger

This song is by far the best on the whole album, Schmoobin provides at least a listenable hook that doesn't sound like unintelligible autotuned screaming. The beat is decent. Also Mosquito seems to actually try on this song and his verse is much shorter - ShrekTheGoat

2 Hardcore Hardcore

This song seems to at least be on the level of something Lil Pump would have made before Harverd Dropout. Its nothing good but at least its not as bad as the rest of this album - ShrekTheGoat

3 Lean in my Cup Lean in my Cup

Again another Lil Pump style song that literally sounds more repetitive than Gucci Gang, however it still sucks which is something you would expect from a guy called Lil Mosquito Disease - ShrekTheGoat

4 Mosquitos

Same reason as the previous two - ShrekTheGoat

5 Slide On the Blocc

The beat seems to carry this bad song. It sucks but still no where as bad as the low points of the album - ShrekTheGoat

6 Trombone Attacc

Don't forget, this song sucks. However the beat carrys it slightly above some of the worse songs on the album - ShrekTheGoat

7 Intro

I know I put this on the worst Lil Mosquito Disease songs, but this album is so bad that this is a breath of fresh air because of how short it is. Also his singing isn't even that bad compared to some of the songs on the album - ShrekTheGoat

8 Trombone Be Stimulated

This song sucks, however the production is better than some of the others that are worse than this - ShrekTheGoat

9 Bitch I'm the Best

At least the beat kicks hard. However this is awful as a song - ShrekTheGoat

10 Hit with the Mac

6ix9ine pretty much was the only listenable thing on this song which is a bad sign. However its slightly better than the rest of the album - ShrekTheGoat

The Contenders

11 We Wanted Sweet Victory
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