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This list holds the best Lil Pump songs, who is a 17 year old rapper born in Florida, met smokepurpp and started making his own music, his debut song “lil pump”.

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1 Molly

Every Lil Pump song is amazing and the best - LilPumpTheGod

They all suck. - XxembermasterxX

Unique vibe

Actually he is the worst rapper and all his raps are wack. Some1 says role model? I love you man, a drug addict is your role model

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2 D Rose

The first song I heard by him. - JayJayPlayzzz

The first song that lil pump made that I actually liked


This is the song that introduced me to him. My brother showed it to me and I hated it. A couple minutes later I found myself singing the lyrics lol. So naturally I voted for this. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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3 Gucci Gang

Greatest song of all time. No debate.

This song sucks - BlazingParasol

This was the very first lil pump song I herd by him however there is a very amount of music artist that has done a remix of this Eminem lanze ybn nahmir lil pump himself Joyner lucas others

I think it’s really really good but too much swearing but the video is lit love it

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4 Boss

The beat is lit as hell!

The beat is lit

Most lit beatdrop ever

Actually no. 0/5 - AlphaQ

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5 Iced Out

Eh decent

6 Flex Like Ouu


I like this, but the Roblox death sound edit is way better. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 Esskeetit

Only one that I can listen to without turning it off halfway through. - CharismaticKat

I hate it but it's so catchy I'm singing it right now

Lise is the best song ever

It is the best song of the bloody centiure

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8 Next
9 Elementary

Bish I'm Lil Pump trapper of the century.
More like Crapper of the century. - CharismaticKat

I mean it's funny...2/5 - AlphaQ

10 Welcome to the Party

Lil pumps goes hard on this verse, and doesn't just mumble through it all.

Even though my friend is 7 he watched Deadpool 2 and a few weeks later he says WELCOME TO THE PARTY! - Carly19781

Lil Pump is the best part of the his song

WHY ISN'T THIS #1? This is actually fun, and it may be one of the best rap songs of 2018!

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? Fasho Fasho


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11 Arms Around You

This one, I actually like Pump's verse. - Not_A_Weeaboo

Lil Pump writing-lyrics that have a meaning? Wow! - oneshot

He actually sings pretty well

This one is actually good. And for once I like lil pumps lyrocs a lot.

12 I Shyne

Beat is crazy good and flow is nice

The beat is insane, his best flow, and he actually kinda has bars in this song

Easily best song

13 Back

This one lit

14 Lil Pump

This is Lil pumps best song yall are stupid


15 Butterfly Doors
16 I Love It

Don't you mean Roblox 2 trailer

Not really lyrically genius nor pioneering but everything from its lyrics to music video are meme-material overall. - Bolshoy_Brat

17 Designer

This is the best Lil Pump song ever! This song was the very first song I ever heard... - BryVonMonroe

18 Whitney
19 Gnarly

I love the production on this song - oneshot

20 Youngest Flexer

Sorry Lil Tay beat you to it. - XxembermasterxX

21 Be Like Me

This doesn't even has a number it's the best Lil Pump song!
how's molly number 1?

22 Smoke My Dope
23 Crazy

I like this song :/

Odd. I absolutely despise Lil Pump with every fiber of my being, and I think he's the worst rapper of this generation (next to Lil Yachty of course), but this is kinda catchy. His only song that I can even remotely stand.

It’s one of the few songs that he has an ok flow and descent rhymes. Plus it’s extremely catchy.

24 At the Door


25 Drug Addicts

nice 10/5

how ironc

26 Baby Daddy

Pump goes hard on this. - LilliamPumpernickel

27 Nephew
28 Racks on Racks

Really good beat and something the jam to.

29 Broke My Wrist

This goes hard aff bro

30 Movin

It is really good

31 What U Sayin'
32 Had

the song that goes
LIL PUMP HAD THE LIL PUMP - LilliamPumpernickel

33 Jettski Grizzley

One of lil pump's best verses in my opinion and crazy beat, should be much higher

34 Pinky Ring
35 Multi Millionaire
36 Kept Back
37 Ion

its fireee

38 Rockets

Lil pump is fire on this verse smoking cookies

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