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1 PS & QS

Shouldn't be number one it is garbage song money longer or do what I want is the best

No this is the worst ever! - Himalayansalt

lit though - Doobber

2 XO TOUR Llif3

Love this song, or should I say that I love this song? - hiphopgod

Xo tour Llif3 the best song of the decade

This is his best song of all time

Darn autocorrect - hiphopgod

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3 You Was Right

It's called a chorus.

Undoubtedly best uzi song, and maybe best Metro beat ever produced

Repeats the exact same verse 5 times. - DankGod420

This Song Is Real Asf

4 Money Longer

Best song ever

No. It's catchy but without t it's a complete disaster. - DankGod420

The fact that this list exists...

I need help. Where's the 'none' option? - AlphaQ

5 Of Course We Ghetto Flowers

Other than DWIW thus is his only song which has a catchy beat and no annoying vocals. The autotune suits the beat perfectly well here. 4/5 - AlphaQ

6 Do What I Want

More Autotune Than Future. Hooray! - AlphaQ

Actually this is one of his best. 4/5 - AlphaQ

Actually make it a 4.5/5 - AlphaQ

7 Erase Your Social

That's wht I got twitter fo

8 The Way Life Goes

Uzi's best song in my opinion

9 Canadian Goose

Best Song of that weak album. 4/5 - DankGod420

10 All My Chains

This is hyped up and lit but it's really repetitive.

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? Wanted You

The Contenders

11 Original Uzi (4 of Us)
12 Seven Million
13 Grab the Wheel
14 Scott & Ramona
15 Top
16 Team Rocket
17 Luv Scars
18 20 Min
19 444+222 - Lil Uzi Vert
20 Dark Queen
21 Too Much Sauce
22 Sauce It Up

Needs to be top 5

Best Uzi song to be honest

23 You're Lost
24 Sub Zero
25 Neon Guts

I found a song better than DWIW. I love the catchiest and bubbliness of this track, it's fun and has all the qualities you want in a song. The fact that Uzi made this is baffling cause I usually detest Uzi but wow. 5/5 - AlphaQ

26 How to Talk

This song is fire as hell

27 Unfazed
28 Super Saiyan
29 Hi Roller
30 7AM

Very catchy

31 Bad and Boujee
32 Money Mitch
33 Left, Right

This song fye - Doobber

34 Sideline Watching
35 Paradise
36 Ronda (Winners)
37 For Real
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1. PS & QS
2. Of Course We Ghetto Flowers
3. You Was Right
1. Money Longer
2. You Was Right
3. All My Chains



AlphaQ's Chill & Review: XO TOUR Llif3

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