AlphaQ's Chill & Review: XO TOUR Llif3

Ok. This exists...and is frickin' hard to review so I apologise for the 2-month wait.

So...this exists...and I've said that about e7474838 times already so I'll stop.

So...Lil Uzi Pervert is a rapper I don't normally like and most of his songs are messes drowned in autotune, is this an exception? Hm, not to sure. All I can say is that this is not what he usually talks about. (Money Longer Quote: @^$*@*/&@*! *$@(/&#€(! $$&). Like I said, Money Longer was whiny gibberish. Do What I Want was autotuned gibberish and a song. I present to you, his latest song and (other than Ps & Qs): XO TOUR LIF3 or as WonkeyDude98 calls it: XO TOUR Llif3.

Ok the vocals are absolutely awful and PATHETIC. Seriously, combine Money Longer and Do What I Want's vocals. Congrats, you've got whiney autotune. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually fine with autotune but I don't like it when guys abuse it like Uzi or Immature. He sounds like hes on the verge of bursting out crying but look at the lyrics:"I don't really care if you cry/I really should've never lied..." Well these lyrics certainly don't look happy. In fact, this seems serious...

So...the lyrics exist...Wait what?: "All my friends are dead/push me through the edge". What's this mean? Oh, something about suicide? I don't know...but it seems like a serious issue. Ok, I'll not be nosy cause that's mean and my nose is too small, ugh. I think he is trying to make up with someone which I think is a good idea to apologize to whatever person he was a jerk to, ok I kinda get it now. So, they aren't THAT bad so far so I'll give the lyrics a decent score on it.

The beat is a bit lazy and dull but fits the song well. The trap beats are perfect at this part and yes, the beat helps the vocals and even saves it from making the song awful (the vocals still stink...) but so far the beat isnt really soothing either but I wouldn't call it bland. Well, it stands out as an Uzi song but in every other song...not really. The beat tires me...sometimes but brings me back to awakeneass because of the dreariness (not a bad thing)...or whatever...I need to work on my English. It's one of these songs (XXXTENTACION Look At Me) that's both excellent and abysmal.

Overall, it's not a terrible score but more of a mediocre one. Like i said its easily one of Lil Uzi's best work although I think the vocal's need improving...but it isn't too bad as I thought the first time I heard this. Overall (I'm too damn repetitive! ) I'd give this a 2/5. Not strong or weak, just a normal one. This is AlphaQ leaving thebuilding and trying to complete his next 7 reviews without dabbing.


Good review. I give this a 4/5. - ProPanda

thanks m8 - AlphaQ