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1 Tha Carter III Tha Carter III Product Image

This album was absolutely beast. The way he pulled the lyrics off with the beats was brilliant. Lyrics such as: "Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth" (Mr. Carter) Just completes this album. Well done Lil Wayne!

Mr. Carter is honestly one of my favorite songs even though I don't particularly like Lil Wayne. All the other songs in this album are great too.

This album was perfect. The songs were catchy and Lil Wayne went hard on every song. And "A Milli" is probably his best song

SOngs like A milli and Lollipop are songs that are gonna go down in rap history as one of its finest...

2 Tha Carter II Tha Carter II Product Image

The rawness of tracks like "Oh No" make this album easily his best. Not to mention the soulful feel to the album with tracks like "Shooter" & "Get Over". Even the mainstream ones like "Fireman" pull through. All around Wayne's best work to date.

Nice lyricism and beats. His rapping is really good in this one, and he really cemented himself as a good rapper... Too bad he sucks now.

This was the album that made me realize what a super star he was about to become. He totally invented a new style of rapping.

His best album ever, he knows it and also as his fan I know... cater 3 was created for the mainstream not his best album

3 Tha Carter IV Tha Carter IV Product Image

Coming lyrically stronger than any other work, you always get Wayne's best on the carter series. Look for it on the carter v

Most emotional and real out of all his albums, even has some sweet bangers like megaman!

Lyrically his best album and overall one of the best ever created.

Its amazing he doesn't write he's off the back of the dome

4 No Ceilings No Ceilings Product Image

No ceilings is just a great work! There are so many great beats, great songs, this is just amazing! The lyrics are one of the best I hear in my life! My favorite songs are watch my shoes, run this town, ice cream & banned from T.V.!

This mixtape should be @ the top this one and the drought 3 is the best one's but now he trash

Best mixtape ever swag surfing ice cream paint job watch my shoes run this town do a

We the best we are with you young money till the end of the life

5 I Am Not a Human Being II I Am Not a Human Being II Product Image

Just a misunderstand work of art by a work of art. Thanks Wayne.

Amazing depth in his work in this album.

This album was terrible!

6 Da Drought 3 Da Drought 3 Product Image

How is dedication 2 below that birdman trash and rebirth, all you newer Wayne fans need to listen to this, dedication 2 and no ceilings. His best work.

Huge Wayne stan and I rank this above everything else.. people who hate him still bump this

Every track is pure fire.

Not even a Weezy album but still his greatest

7 I Am Not a Human Being I Am Not a Human Being Product Image

Best album of lil Wayne by my favorite rapper Lil Wayne 4 Life

I like Lil Wayne songs he must drop his new album the carter V...

Waay better than part 2

Awesome bears and great lyrics best album best songs gonorhea I am not a human being hold up and ym banger

8 Tha Carter Tha Carter Product Image

When his voice sounded the best

This was his breakthrough

Its Wayne change his flow..

Bring it Back
Go D. J.

9 Like Father, Like Son Like Father, Like Son Product Image

This is actually a pretty good album I love Leather So Soft

When is part 2 coming out

Stuntin Like My Daddy
Leather So Soft
Know What I'm Doing
You Ain't Know

10 Dedication 2 Dedication 2 Product Image

Dedication 2 bang bang

It's a good Mixtape best rapper alive

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11 Rebirth Rebirth Product Image

Not a bad album actually, only a 1 or 2 songs I kinda dislike but the others are great!

Best rock album of all time

Prom queen.
American star.
One way trip.
Ground zero.
These are some of the best songs off this album and the experiments he did for this album has made a huge impact on his style and lyrical compound. Right up there with the carter 3,4 and I am not a human being. Major success for weezy.

Prom Queen
On Fire
Drop the World
American Star

12 The Drought is Over Part 4
13 Sorry 4 Tha Wait Sorry 4 Tha Wait Product Image

One of the best and most catchy

14 Tha Carter V Tha Carter V Product Image

Should be higher, every type of song and very cohesive. Has bangers, personal/introspective songs and even songs just showing off how good he is at rapping

Best album since the Carter III

The best one

15 Tha Block Is Hot Tha Block Is Hot Product Image

The Block Is Hot Is The Best Song By Him

Hot boy's whoodie respect
Representing cash money records
Gurrela watfare you betta vest up
But if you ain't scared then throw yo set up

Top 5 at least

Tha Block is Hot
Respect Us

16 We Are Young Money We Are Young Money Product Image

I love this album esp. Bedrock and Every Girl... Guys pliz vote for it.

What is wrong with the people here, beyond the Carter series this is the only other album with a lot of good songs-Bedrock, Every Girl, Ms. Parker, and Steady Mobbin'(which has got his most badass lyrical diss"I swear you can't f wit me But I can f yo' girl and make her nut for me Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me And of course it'll be yo' cash

Then I'll murder that bitch and send her body back to yo' ass" not the best rhyming scheme but still awesome)

Bang it one of the best songs on his album, this is by far the best album of his after the free weezy album

17 Dedication 5 Dedication 5 Product Image
18 Dedication 6

I loved listening to this in 2017

19 Dedication 3 (Mixtape) Dedication 3 (Mixtape) Product Image
20 Sorry 4 the Wait 2 Sorry 4 the Wait 2 Product Image

Wayyy better than Sorry 4 the wait in my opinion

Newest Mixtape Oyt STRAIGHT FIRE Lyrically Against Young Thug & Birdaman

21 FWA

One of his best project in past years very underrated

This is actually great no lie. Extremely underrated.

Tune came thru on this album/mixtape I could bump this all day

Weezy at his best

22 Lights Out Lights Out Product Image

Better than rebirth

Get Off the Corner

23 Haemoglobin (Red) Haemoglobin (Red) Product Image
24 Good Kush and Alcohol (Mixtape)
25 Lil Tunechi (Mixtape)
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