This is the realest Lil Wayne has ever rapped in time. He has so much meaning in this song and it can relate to anyone. If you are actually listening to the lyrics and you're into hip-hop because of the lyrics, not the beat, this is the song for you. Don't get me wrong, the beat is sick too!

This is the most AMAZING song in the world! I listen to this song all the time! Lil Wayne knows how to rap this song. He shows the right emotion. Bruno Mars also has the right emotion that makes you feel the lyrics in the song. The video is amazing!

This song is puts chills down my spine. It's a great song Wayne's raps aren't great but they are still respectable. What makes this song for me is the background music man it just pulls I in and you can't get out until the song is over

The combination of Lil Wayne and Bruno Mars' voice is epic... This song is definitely one of his best! It even has a kind of soothing effect... I just love it!

Why isn't this at number 1? It is comparable to some of the finest works by 2pac and Eminem! The lyrics, the echoing beats, the background music... So great! And Bruno Mars totally kills it its so good!

Awesome great great incredible I say its great incredible bruno mars mirror on the wall Lil Wayne I see the truth in your lies I see your not satisfied yo yo yo mj told me that go

This songs is a masterpiece! It has very meaningful lyrics and Lil Wayne raps it slowly yet amazingly! And Bruno Mars bombs the chorus! Really lovely song!

Really meaningful lyrics and nice chorus, I love how lil wayne chills out a little to kind of reveal a little about the mistakes he has made in the past

What an awesome song guys. Come on this should be the first song of Lil Wayne. Vote for this please. Bruno mars is also good

Nice Rap too..!

Really meaningful and inspirational song but also at the time its emotional about alone lil feelings please listen

This song is so hot it reminds me of very important people that have part of my history... I LOVE Lil Wayne A LOT

WOW Just Amazing Song. This Song This Song Should Be On Top #3. One Of The Greatest Song By Lil Wayne

I don't like a lot of Lil Wayne's music but this song is truly something extraordinary

Bruno Mars absolutely nailed this song. Without him this song wouldn't be anything.

I love the mix of bruno mars and lil Wayne. and the lyrics is impressive. just amazing

This is one of my favorite songs. It may not be the best of all but it is still amazing

So why are we talking to each other again.. ? Stupendous Lyrics.. ! Bravo Lil and bruno.. !

You'll like this song because of Bruno Mars.

But Lil Wayne will make you LOVE it

A Rapper appreciates other Rapper only when his Rap Actually make sense with some great beat, Great Hook, Great concept, Great meaning, Great message, Great bars. Now coming to good stuff I.E. good Rhyming, Good ideology and good grammar and most of all a Rap song should make people say "man, That was a really meaningful song, isn't it" that feeling is priceless - Jagwar Rapsta

Lil Wayne you keep rapping like no other rapper

I Love Lil Wayne for ever.He is the Greatest rapper and is songs are cool

One of the best rap songs I ever heard, but wish the bass was in the song.

The best song ever from Lil Wayne! (I'm French so sorry for the mistakes)

This song isn't on the no. 1 spot... Is that a joke?

This song is the deepest I've ever heard Lil' Wayne rap. Great song!