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181 Welcome to My Hood
182 Sleazy Remix 2.0 (Get Sleazier)

DJAffinis: Didn't see this song on here. Lil Wayne is good in this song check it out.

183 Gunwalk
184 Sorry 4 the Wait

Honestly probably my favorite song by him give it a listen

V 1 Comment
185 Upgrade U

Seriously this should be in the top 5. It's the best song of Weezy after A Milli. You people have just not heard this song. It's a awesome song Weezy you are the best rapper alive and Eminem is second

186 30 Minutes to New Orleans V 1 Comment
187 Demolition Freestyle Part 1

One of the greatest lil Wayne songs ever! Must be in top 10!

188 Demolition Freestyle Part 2

Prefer it over part 2, goat!

189 On Fire

A great new reborn cover of Amy Holland She's on fire

190 Hello
191 Hands Up
192 Hollyweezy

I'm hoping that this isn't on the list because it came out recently. Best song Lil Wayne ever made, maybe best hip hop song ever

193 Stuntin' Like My Daddy
194 Down for My N*****

One of the best freestyle raps ever

195 Bow Chicka Wow Wow
196 South Muzik
197 Black Republicans

How come this ain't on the list?! its 1 of his best songs in my opinion... guess its because yall don't listen to mixtapes, which is where he is best in my opinion. His studio albums is for the general public, while his mixtapes if for the hiphop heads - oliverpaw

198 Triggaman V 1 Comment
199 American Star
200 Fly In
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