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21 Steady Mobbin'

Obviously the best song. Everyone has heard this song, this should AT LEAST be in the top 5

Song should be much, much higher on the list than it is. This is like a gangster's theme song. Maybe not the absolute best, but top 5 at least

A song that any Wayne fan will like! Fantastic beat, but the lyrics really kill it. Absolutely fantastic song, not any worse than lollipop, a milli or any other Wayne single.

My personal favorite...Ok, you're a goon, what's a goon to a goblin?

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22 Bedrock

! This song has everything. It also has so many top artists like lil Wayne, nicki minaj, drake and many more as I can't name all of them. It is one of the best young money songs and lil Wayne plays a big roll in the song. It has to be in the top ten. It peaked at no 2 on billboard hot 100 so its obviously a great song. Please listing to the song and vote for it


Without Gudda Gudda, Tyga, and Lloyd this could've been good. Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj were okay and Drake was easily the best one on the song. - WonkeyDude98

The cheesiest pick-up line I've ever heard!

I think dz song is the best

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23 Bill Gates

Seriously? Why isn't this song ranked higher? Sick beat, sick lyrics, sick flow, and I don't even like Lil Wayne that much...

This song has a great beat, sick lyrics, and is just a super chill song. Its not super popular because it wasnt on the carter albums. Everyone should listen to it!

This song has so many amazing lines and quotes. I don't understand how it's so far down on this list.

Best weezy song ever sick beats and bars should be in top 5

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24 Got Money

Got Money is probably his best! Ys it down here! - josephvellappally

I don't like most of his songs but this is one I do. I also like GIVE IT UP TO ME feauturing shakira and BEDROCK! but neither are on here. - nikki72

I love this song! The beat and lyrics are wickedly amazing! This song should be in the top ten. Lil Wayne is a fantastic rapper.

Lil Wayne's best album in my opinion. the Carter VI is second

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25 Tie My Hands

Greatest song by Lil Wayne so much emotion its real its not about hoes or money this song is about his home city and how much he cares about other people...

This is definitely the best Lil Wayne song. Clearly most of the people voting in this list know nothing about the real Wayne since this song is not number 1

I love this song it mean about new orleans 1 one the best s/o to new orleans

One of my favorites.. off his best album ever

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26 No Worries

This Song is so awesome everybody should definitely Check it out and First of all Check out The Musik Video on YouTube KILLS EVERYTHING

Why isn't this on the top its got a nice beat and lyrics
and is his best song, just download the song and find
out for yourself

Truly sick in all ways. "You see money right there, yeah that's Toonchey right theya, yeah that's batman right theya! " I smoke more than a magic show! Sick beat!

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27 Gonorrhea

Great song so underrated

Amazing beat and killer lyrics. Please listen to this song if you haven't heard it, so under rated. Garentee you'll love it!

Lyrics are sick and beat goes hard... one of many underrated weezy songs


28 Let It Rock

For me this songs is one of best rap songs ever made..

29 Bitches Love Me

Its awesome it's my second favorite song - kanye

Ft Drake you Guys are kiddning it should be at least at the top 10

I should be in 2nd rank

At least top 10. this tracks a banger!

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30 Best Rapper Alive

This song defies all lil wayne songs, his most underrated hit!

31 Something You Forgot

Without a doubt the best song produced by Wayne. The deep lyrical input allows the listener to see inside Wayne as a man and to connect with him on a leer other than smoking weed, getting money, or sex. The older Wayne songs are much better then his new stuff. The realest song he's ever made.

Has to be one of his deep emotion songs and also the lyrical content is great!

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32 Georgia Bush

This is the most politically fueled song of Lil Wayne's career and one of his best. It was a comeback for both him and New Orleans after Katrina and is one of the hardest beat drops of his career.

This is the best song ever. The quality of the bass is amazing. I think it ranks up in the top 20 of hi best. This is the best song in the whole entire world.

33 La La La

How is this not higher? These oldies are what made Wayne a legend.

34 God Bless Amerika

This should be in the top ten! He stops rhyming words that degrade women and claim him shooting up the block like Tupac long enough to make a lyrically wonderful rap about real world problems. This is what Wheezy can accomplish if he puts down the same overused lyrics and really catches the pen on fire!

Unbelievable ):/ this should be at least number 2

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35 Grenade
36 Rich as F***

Although this song is very explicited but still you should hear it because it is one of the best songs of I am not a human being 2.tthis track has got wonderful beats and it should at least peak at the top tens of this list

This is Lil Wayne's best song and the beat is really good

Wonderful beats this song has got

Even master splinter

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37 Kobe Bryant

Eminem is over rated? Laugh out loud
He's the best lyrical rapper eve homie.

Kobe is the best Player in the game. Eminem is the best rapper ever. He is not over rated

Great song and Eminem is not overrated. He may have sung the best rap song ever with lose yourself and kobe is the best player ever behind mj

Amazing flow, and the only reason drop the world is first is because Eminem's in it and he's overrated:/...

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38 President Carter

Like mentioned, this song's lyrics kills almost every other song. It seems like there are so many metaphors in it.

This probobaly the best Lil Wayne song when it comes to lyrics

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39 I Feel Like Dying

This Song Was Sick! You Need To Vote For This ; I don't Understand How People Could Not Vote For This Song I Mean I Loved This Song And I Still Love This Song It Has A Very Deep Meaning.

Feel the notes feel the pain make ya vote this beats insane

This song is mind blowing, I listen it everyday... Awesome song.

Only once the drugs are done I feel like dying..

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40 Look at Me Now

Look At Me Now is at the bottom? This song is awesome, love the fast rapping and Busta Rhymes especially

I like this song. It a decent song but I know it's a Chris Brown song and his lyrics were terrible but I went through Wayne's lyrics and they are really good one. So I would give this a 4/5 instead of 3.5/5. though I like it I don't think it deserves a 5/5 - AlphaQ

Way too cool one! Busta hats off! Superb song wit a nice beat! It should be under 3!

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