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41 Watch My Shoes

How the hell is this song at place #79. This is the most dominant track of his amazing mixtape "No Ceillings" I think the problem is lil wayne has just too many good song's ( even though this is not a real problem ;)) but despite this fact "Watch my shoes" should peak at least in the Top 20's. Weezy goes HAM on this one. Funny metaphors anazing flow you can call it : Lil Wayne

42 Believe Me

Lil Wayne utilizes his verses in the greatest way possible. If this doesn't make at least Top 20 by the end of this year, I'm gonna flip my car. - Mcgillacuddy

This is new, so its obviously low, but this song is amazing.

They're the only ones to make this beat dope. I don't know a dude who cover for 'em.

Literally one of the sickest rap songs I've ever heard and one of Lil Wayne's finest performances. Two thumbs way up.

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43 Phone Home

It a very good song

They can't get on my system because my system is the solar PHONE HOME! WEEZY

"Hip hop is my supermarket... shopping cart full of fake Hip hop artists"


44 Look at Me Now

Look At Me Now is at the bottom? This song is awesome, love the fast rapping and Busta Rhymes especially

I like this song. It a decent song but I know it's a Chris Brown song and his lyrics were terrible but I went through Wayne's lyrics and they are really good one. So I would give this a 4/5 instead of 3.5/5. though I like it I don't think it deserves a 5/5 - AlphaQ

Way too cool one! Busta hats off! Superb song wit a nice beat! It should be under 3!

45 Sucker for Pain

The music kinda reminds me of my old haunted mansion video game's actually pretty catchy though, seeing as I'm not a rap fan

So catchy and he sounds great!

This is an absolute masterpiece by lil Wayne. Been one of his best since years... - AlphaQ

Hey man are you pissed why this song is so low

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46 Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean, Akon, Wayne)

This song go hard because it talk about the life out there because there is always a girl you like and then you'll break up

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47 Pray to the Lord

This one of the best Wayne's songs... full of emotion and feeling attached to it. that's me though

A piece of his life in words and a clear picture of the life he lives painted with a melody that allows the lyrics sink in properly! The best!

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48 Dr. Carter

Lyrically incredible, always a reminder of what Lil Wayne could do in the C3 No ceilings days

49 Kobe Bryant

Eminem is over rated? Laugh out loud
He's the best lyrical rapper eve homie.

Kobe is the best Player in the game. Eminem is the best rapper ever. He is not over rated

Great song and Eminem is not overrated. He may have sung the best rap song ever with lose yourself and kobe is the best player ever behind mj

Amazing flow, and the only reason drop the world is first is because Eminem's in it and he's overrated:/...

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50 Dedication
51 Only
52 Megaman

Favorite one. Should be higher, kills it and it's ll him unlike drop the world where he doesn't even make the good part of the song

Wayne goes unbelievably hard on this song. Probably his best song lyrically.

I don't understand how this song is 89, it's incredible. One of Wayne's best songs eve. Th lyrics are sick, shows how much of a true gansta Lil Wayne really is.

Without a doubt weezy's best song

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53 Roger That

What? Brilliant song. At least top 20!

54 Oh No

Amazing song wayne kills it in every way! top 3 easy! so slept on

55 The Motto
56 Let the Beat Build

A really good hype song!

57 Nightmares of the Bottom

Lil Wayne shows he can kill a slow song with this being one of them from the Carter IV

Woow, I'm highly surprised that this song isn't up there at the top. It is a highly great song and I think that it belongs somewhere at the top. It's lyrics are strong and I actually understand every word of it.

Awesome bass and makes you feel awesome

One of his best definitely. The rebirth album also was underrated severly

58 Kush
59 Rollin'
60 Swag Surfin V 1 Comment
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