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61 Swag Surfin V 1 Comment
62 Down Down

I don't get how this song could be so low on the list. It's top 64, and now it's top 65! Seriously? This song is underrated and Jay Sean is making this song the best Lil' Wayne song ever!

Jay Sean would be the best voice for Inky (from extremely creative Namco games such as the Pac-Man World series), both singing and speaking voice.

Lil' Wayne would be the best voice for Bowser Jr. , both singing and speaking voice.

63 Wasted

Unbelievable this is 52 this is one of the best songs off of no ceilings which is one of the mixtapes there is. This being the top no ceilings song at 52 is ridiculous, Wayne was at the top of his game at this time of his career, no hook just Waynes nasty metaphors on this one.

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64 Love Me Love Me

This is obviously the best song by Lil Wayne with future and drake makes a great combo...

Best song of all time not publicized enough though

65 Marvin's Room Marvin's Room

There's to many great weezy songs! This is one of them. This list is only based off when everybody knew who he was. Every song from Carter 1 should be on here...

66 Loyal Loyal

Who put this here? He only raps on this for like 20 seconds - Mcgillacuddy

67 How to Hate How to Hate

The best song of Lil Wayne and T-Pain. Crearly one of the best of the Carter IV

V 2 Comments
68 It's Good It's Good

Are you serious? Jadakiss and drake kill this and the beat is insane, the best song on carter iv hands down... Lil wayne is pretty bad in this song but overall come on now, 6 foot, 7 foot? Mirror? Megaman? Maybe hustler musik and drop the world are better but that's it come on

My personal favorite wayne track and my 2nd favorite song of all time any rap fan and weezy fan even better coupd enjoy this track check it out

It is impossible that any carter iv or ianahb2 song is better than this song... Jadakiss raw as always drake throws an okay verse and weezy f baby himself disses hov in this song if you're loking for a sick beat this song is it

69 Love Me or Hate Me Love Me or Hate Me

I can't believe this isn't in the top 10.. Listen to it and you won't regret it!

71 Paradice Paradice

One of his best songs, describes how fame isn't all glamorous and a paradise like many people think

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72 No Ceilings
73 Gossip Gossip

this song is just ill. It's not fake with the pop music in the backround. it's just straight up rap - jaxballer9

The real Wayne shows right here, without trying to go for the charts with all his post C3 garbage

74 Rolling In the Deep
75 Days and Days Days and Days

Really great song, very catchy.
Could listen to it and never get sick of it

76 Krazy Krazy

Great song. Amazing beat. Great rhythm. Unbelievable rapping. Got to be in the top 15. Please vote for it.

Just an insanely cool tune.

Lil' Wayne kils it. Second single of the Carter V. One of his best solo singles. It should appear inside the top 20. Its got to peak inside the top 20 on the billboard hot 100 charts. Keep going Weezy. All the best for C V. Eagerly waiting for it.

77 I Can Only Imagine I Can Only Imagine
78 Money on My Mind Money on My Mind
79 My N****
80 Grindin' Grindin'

This amazing song was released in August 2014. I am posting this comment on march 2015. Awesome new song of c v also has drake in it. Beautiful beat. Wonderful rhythm. It's got to be in the top 15 or even 20 but come on man below 100 is way to low. Please listen to this song and vote for it.

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