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81 Grindin'

This amazing song was released in August 2014. I am posting this comment on march 2015. Awesome new song of c v also has drake in it. Beautiful beat. Wonderful rhythm. It's got to be in the top 15 or even 20 but come on man below 100 is way to low. Please listen to this song and vote for it.

82 My N****
83 Every Girl
84 Ransom (ft. Drake)

Incredible duo drake and lil wayne complement eachother perfectly

85 Hit Em Up

This song is cold. Easily one of his best.

86 Bang Bang
87 One Way Trip
88 My Homies Still

Sick beat. One of the only songs that I can actually stand to listen to by Lil Wayne

89 My Darlin Baby ft Drake
90 Single

Definitely one of the best for his whole career! The beat, lyrics, tempo. Everything goes together perfectly

Seriously deserves top 20, one of his best

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91 Runnin'

Badass song the lyrics are ordinary but they are genius and the meaning extraordinary.

This is oneof my favorite songs by Lil Weezy!

92 Up, Up, and Away

This song is amazing
. His best song

Lyric wise this goes so hard:
I am gone like delete and erase/homophone with/
I am gone like de lead in de race

Wayne is bringing it to another level sadly it goes over peoples heads so they say weezy feel off... No weezy just became too deep for yall

93 Zoom Freestyle
94 I'm a Dboy
95 Two Shots
96 Get Over V 1 Comment
97 Get Down

This song is dope, its the real, old school. He needs Mannie Fresh back. He should rap like this on his newer albums. In his new songs, Up up and away and President Carter are the shit, and Go DJ is very good either. Old-School Weezy rules!

98 Burn This City
99 Demolition Freestyle
100 Rider
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