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141 Donks
142 Popular
143 I'm a Go Getta

This is one of the most inspiring songs ever made.

this is the kind of pump of song that every athlete or ordinary person needs to listen to
how is not higher?
come on people?

144 That Ain't Me

Awesome song! Lil Wayne's rap verse was awesome and jay Sean killed the track

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145 Dark Shades
146 S*** Stains

This is just the best song. Best beat ever. Fresh. Just listen to it you'll like it. I loved it. Laugh out loud. But seriously just give it a quick listen. I promis you'll like it

147 Misunderstood

Best song he's done in my opinion. This man's lyrically inclined honestly the poetry he puts in music when he writes is genius and I hate to see people not looking at the things he's done right.

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148 Dear Anne
149 Moment
150 Romance

Its not his best song but it's better than other songs in ianahb 2. It's the weirdest song of lil Wayne. The lyrics is very corrupt but some lines make you feel that weezy has some heart

151 D'usse

Amazing song. Position 139. Way too low. Got to be in the top 15. Its truly a classis. It's a new song so many people haven't heard it. Please listen to this song and vote for it. Weezy is the best

152 Itchin
153 Good Time
154 Tha Block Is Hot V 1 Comment
155 Nothing But Trouble
156 I'm That N***a

I love this song

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157 Trippy
158 I Don't Like the Look of It

I really like this song. I had it on my phone and happened to hear it and was like whoa this is really good. Probably one of the best Lil' Wayne songs I've heard in a while. And to the guy talking about how Lil' Wayne being better than Eminem your absolutely wrong. Sorry no one is better than Eminem.

159 Y.U. MAD

Really AMAZING beat, all verses done well, and it's a song you'll probably listen to all day!

160 Ym Salute
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