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141 Moment
142 Romance

Its not his best song but it's better than other songs in ianahb 2. It's the weirdest song of lil Wayne. The lyrics is very corrupt but some lines make you feel that weezy has some heart

143 D'usse

Amazing song. Position 139. Way too low. Got to be in the top 15. Its truly a classis. It's a new song so many people haven't heard it. Please listen to this song and vote for it. Weezy is the best

144 Itchin
145 Good Time
146 Nothing But Trouble
147 I'm That N***a

I love this song

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148 Trippy
149 Beat Without Bass

I meant to vote for right above it): I love Lil Wayne but I've never heard this song. rig

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150 Gossip

this song is just ill. It's not fake with the pop music in the backround. it's just straight up rap - jaxballer9

The real Wayne shows right here, without trying to go for the charts with all his post C3 garbage

151 I'm Illi
152 S On My Chest
153 Hit Em Up

This song is cold. Easily one of his best.

154 Prom Queen

I love weezy's rock'n'roll side and it completely explodes in this song which describes so truly high school years and the behavior of some teens

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155 Every Girl
156 P****, Money, Weed

Ah! great songs wid great lyrics And yaah you all will surely like the calm flow of this song!

Possibly Lil Wayne's best song on love. Period. Even though it may swear a little bit, (don't all of his songs? ) it's still amazing.


Best Lil Wayne song ever! And I think he is the best rapper alive

One of Wayne's best songs EVER! Love this no other version of this song can compete! His metaphors and word play in this song can not be competed with another!..

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157 Bang Bang
158 Ransom (ft. Drake)

Incredible duo drake and lil wayne complement eachother perfectly

159 Knockout

Lil Wayne and nicki are the ultimate rap couple. The tune is really catchy

I love that song so much

Ah f888 it
Gimme that damn bucket
When I throw this p8888 you better not start duckin
Oh yah
Hit hit with a blow
Look out in the crowd and everybody yellin now
123 I tell em 123

Sing along if your a Wayne/Nicki fan

160 One Way Trip
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