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142 Spitter
143 I'm a Go Getta

This is one of the most inspiring songs ever made.

this is the kind of pump of song that every athlete or ordinary person needs to listen to
how is not higher?
come on people?

144 Novacane
145 Take It to the Head Take It to the Head
146 Push
147 That Ain't Me That Ain't Me

Awesome song! Lil Wayne's rap verse was awesome and jay Sean killed the track

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148 Me and My Drank

How is this 128th? This songs pretty deep Wayne talking about his love of sizurp!

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149 This Is the Carter This Is the Carter
150 Earthquake Earthquake
151 Grown Man Grown Man
152 Shine Shine

How is it that this song is not included AT ALL on the list? Not even in the top 100? I would hope it would at least be in the top 25 personally. This song went hard and is one of Wayne's best songs of all time in my opinion.

153 Dark Shades Dark Shades
154 Snitch Snitch
155 See You In My Nightmares See You In My Nightmares
156 Revolver Revolver
157 Banned From TV V 1 Comment
158 Yuck! Yuck!

This song is amazing! Seriously great lyrics, you definitely need to listen to this song!

159 S*** Stains

This is just the best song. Best beat ever. Fresh. Just listen to it you'll like it. I loved it. Laugh out loud. But seriously just give it a quick listen. I promis you'll like it

160 Back to You Back to You
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