Best Lil Yachty Songs

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1 One Night One Night Cover Art

Very catch and honestly a great rap. It's like an earworm, I can't get it out of my head. This is a different approach as a slow rap the works. I love the beat, probably one of the few diamonds in the rough for Lil Yachty. He's a decent rapper, definitely one I'll listen to again in the future.

I don't get why Lil Yachty gets so much hate. He's pleasant to listen to, and fun. He's like a diet-Fetty Wap but alright. He's still good though.

I just need you for the night

Just one word. Lit

2 Broccoli Broccoli Cover Art

This song has such a smooth beat, even though the song isn't technically his it is still one of the best. Also the song is annoyingly catchy and I can never get it out of my head

The best song of his! It was the first song I heard from Lil Yachty.

How is this not number 1 if it is after my vote then good work

I don't know why I like this song. It's great. 4/5

3 Minnesota Minnesota Cover Art

Really relaxing. Is food.

4 Mase in '97 Mase in '97 Cover Art

Only good song by Lil Yachty and its great

Most lit song by lil yachty

Man since I can only choose 1 il just say I love em all

5 Wanna Be Us Wanna Be Us Cover Art
6 iSpy iSpy Cover Art

I don't know why I love this so much. Probably because it's fun and bouncy. Well it's really catchy and Yachty sounds pleasant. 5/5. STILL love THOS.

7 Good Day Good Day Cover Art

Too low in my opinion

8 No Hook
9 Guap
10 Intro Intro Cover Art

Chill Beat and cool autotuned rap all in one. Some love it and some it. I like it a lot...

One of my favorit.

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11 Forever Young Forever Young Cover Art

Best song evveeerrr

Straight lit

12 Dirty Mouth Dirty Mouth Cover Art
13 Nbayoungboat Nbayoungboat Cover Art

Literally one of his best song including young star youngboy

Most Fire song on album

Its not even close

14 From the D to the A From the D to the A Cover Art

This is his best song

15 I'm Sorry I'm Sorry Cover Art
16 Get Dripped Get Dripped Cover Art
17 Solitaire Solitaire Cover Art
18 We Did It We Did It Cover Art
19 Yacht Club Yacht Club Cover Art

My favorite m. Juice wrld is a great edition

Beat is creative and goes with the theme.

Best yachty song

20 Shoot Out the Roof Shoot Out the Roof Cover Art

In my opinion, this is his best. Good delivery, hard hitting beat, everything is good about this song

21 Peek a Boo Peek a Boo Cover Art
22 Who Want the Smoke? Who Want the Smoke? Cover Art
23 Rari
24 Up Next 2 Up Next 2 Cover Art
25 66 66 Cover Art

Best song ever, makes me feel so happy and positive. Trippie and Yachty sound so good together, and I hope they make more songs together.

Trippie is amazing on this song

Best no contest

Dopest song by far

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