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1 One Night

Really who would waste time making a list of the worst rapper of all time? - JCchrom3

I honestly don't understand why Lil Yachty gets so much crap. Just because he's doing something different than what's been previously done before doesn't mean he's a bad rapper. If I'm correct, being different is how Hip-Hop was created in the first place. He's very talented, especially for being so young. - maxican03

Hopefully, the evil nugget cookie is joking. There is no one greater than Michael jackson

Just one word. Lit

great song

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2 Minnesota

Really relaxing. Is food. - AlphaQ



3 Broccoli

This song has such a smooth beat, even though the song isn't technically his it is still one of the best. Also the song is annoyingly catchy and I can never get it out of my head

The best song of his! It was the first song I heard from Lil Yachty.

How is this not number 1 if it is after my vote then good work

He made me like broccoli

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4 Wanna Be Us


5 iSpy

I don't know why I love this so much. Probably because it's fun and bouncy. Well it's really catchy and Yachty sounds pleasant. 5/5. STILL love THOS. - AlphaQ

Just lit

6 No Hook


7 Mase in '97

Only good song by Lil Yachty and its great - venomouskillingmachine

Most lit song by lil yachty

Man since I can only choose 1 il just say I love em all

8 Guap
9 Intro

Chill Beat and cool autotuned rap all in one. Some love it and some it. I like it a lot...

One of my favorit.

10 Forever Young

Straight lit


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11 Good Day

Too low in my opinion - Erucu

12 I'm Sorry
13 We Did It

lil life

14 Shoot Out the Roof

In my opinion, this is his best. Good delivery, hard hitting beat, everything is good about this song - DaLizts

15 Up Next 2
16 Peek a Boo

No, this is Lil Yachty's worst song up to date. He literally sounds bored and the song has no energy as a whole. I'm giving this 1/5 - AlphaQ

Sick song

17 Rari
18 From the D to the A

This is his best song

19 Never Switch Up
20 Not My Bro
21 Out Late
22 All In

This song features everybody and its his most underrated

23 Run Running
24 Interlude
25 It Takes Two - Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty

I honestly like this. 5/5 - AlphaQ

26 After the Afterparty
27 Harley

Eh best song on that album. 3.5/5 - AlphaQ

28 Bitter Sweet


29 King of Teens

I think this is the best.

30 Bring It Back

Reminds me of "Hold On. We're going home" by Drake

31 DN Freestyle

It is an essential Lil Yachty songs, as it proves that he has real rapping ability

32 Dirty Mouth
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1. One Night
2. Wanna Be Us
3. Minnesota
1. One Night
2. No Hook
3. Guap
1. Broccoli
2. One Night
3. Minnesota

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