Lili de Rochefort

Emilie De Rochefort, better known under her nickname, Lili, was introduced in Tekken 5 : Dark Resurrection and has returned for all subsequent titles. When she debuted, Lili was described as a rich shallow girl from Monaco, who uses her skills in dance to fight in her own street fighting style. Lili has become one of the most popular characters in the series despite her relatively recent introduction to the series.

Lili’s story in the Tekken series is more personal, and a bit distant from the central plot. Kidnapped at an early age, Lili became interested in street fighting when she managed to take out one of her captors. Lili's main reason for entering the Tournaments, aside from her desire to fight, is primarily due to her deep love for her father, a wealthy luxury magnate in Monaco, who seems to be having some business troubles because of the Mishima Zaibatsu. She is often accompanied by her butler, Sebastian.

However, her rivalry with fellow competitor Asuka Kazama, the girl who defeated her in the previous tournament, also seems to be one of the main focus of her storyline. While Lili is determined to get her revenge, Asuka's focus seems to be on a different matter. Although both females are proud and capable in a fight, Lili seems more dismissive and quietly confident, the opposite of Asuka, who is often more brash and arrogant. Lili also shows characteristics ranging from elegance and gracefulness to belittlement and, to an extent, sadism.

Her street fighting style appears to mix moves from classical dance and/or ballet. This style is characterized by many dancelike and gymnastic maneuvers - graceful spins, tumbles, and pirouettes, and versatile cartwheels and handstands. This fighting style is probably self-learned and self-developed by Lili herself, since her father, who loathes violence, would never allow her to practice any sort of formal martial arts training. This is why some of her moves often reflect her background and personality. Her techniques, although a bit too slow, are among the most graceful, fluid, entertaining to watch, and infuriating to fight against, in the game.

Lili is a sixteen year old teenager with light blue eyes and long honey-blonde demoiselle (young lady - hime) cut-styled hair, trimmed with perfectly level bangs and straight-cut side locks. She wears a white lace-frilled short dress. Lili's hairstyle, her trademark outfit, and all of her customizations feature a heavy "Lolita", and complement Lili to such perfection, as the Lolita subcultures strive for elegance, grace, and beauty just as she strives for in her battles.

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