Top 10 Lilo and Stitch Experiments


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1 Stitch Stitch

He's the only one who had actual screen time, and actually gained a personality. Its called Lilo and Stich for goodness sake.

Why can't we see more of him like the japan (minus the bad voice acting)

Stich is strong and funny. Thank you for lilo and stich

Stitch Is So Funny And Cute! - JPK

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2 Sparky
3 Angel (Stitch's Girlfriend)
4 Tank
5 Ruben

It's Reuben not Ruben man I hate it when they misspell a character's name wrong

The most funniest is not number 1 what a shame

6 Ritcher

He's my number one but my brother would kill me if I don't but stitch nimber 1 - wogrart

7 Houdini
8 Finder

I really need this guy to find my keys...

9 Yin and Yang

This episode was the worst all because of Lilo and Stitch's arguments.

both actevaded at the same time - wogrart

10 Mr. Stenchey

The Contenders

11 Kixx
12 Cannonball
13 Leroy

He might be bad, but he is awesome! He is exactly like Stitch. Duh.

14 Wishywashy
15 Amnesio
16 Stopgo

from leroy and stitch but was seen in the drowsy episode - wogrart

17 Nosy
18 Phoon
19 Drowsy
20 HunkaHunka
21 Gigi
22 Yaarp
23 Thresher

The group of four that had to capture Stitch, but they ended up as 100 weaklings

24 Sample
25 Clyde
26 Squeak
27 Fibber

He'd be useful in a courtroom

28 Spooky
29 Holio

Geting sucked up in the black hole is cool

30 Pix
31 Babyfier
32 627

Also known as Evile

33 Frenchfry
34 Pleakley
35 Heckler
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