Top Ten Limericks

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1 There was a young boy from Japan, who thought he would find treats in a van. The bloke at the wheel said they had a deal, and now he's been probed by a man.

Scarred for life... - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

2 There was a young girl from Biarritz, who had a large six-pack of t**s. She walked up and spoke to a pervy young bloke, who loved all her pinky-red bits.

A six-pack? What was she, a Harrier?

3 There was a young girl from Shanghai, who gave prostitution a try. She took all the cash, and an STD rash, which eventually caused her to die.
4 There once was a poor lad named Paul, who was born with only one ball. When he was six, he fell and did the splits, and now he'll have no kids at all.

This is good. I commend this. - ProPanda

Dr. Seuss would be so proud. I'm sure he would have a tear in his eye from just seeing this list. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

KKK - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

RIP Paul's balls. - Merilille

5 There was an old woman from Derry, whose arse was the size of a ferry. It couldn't be helped, if she took off her belt, she'd scream, "Stop doing that, Jerry!"
6 There was a young lad from Berlin, who detected a mysterious ming. He woke up from his dream, and awoke with a scream, for the dog defecated on him.
7 There was a politician called Dave, who thought he was particularly brave. He looked like a dork with his c*** in some pork, and it started an internet rave.

Haha! I love Limerick poems! - funnyuser

Jeez. - froogylowlo

Haha...a politician called Dave... Brilliant!
Excellent list, Pos! - Britgirl

8 There was a kid from Ecuador whose social life was a bore. He took all his friends to a really loose end, and they decided to rip off his jaw.
9 There was a young lad down in Wales, who secretly lusted for males. He then told his Dad, who went a bit mad, and said c**** do not pass off as tails.

I'm sensing a recurring theme as I read through this list. - keycha1n

10 There once was a man from Munich, who always went to work in a tunic. His life was a mess, for it passed as a dress, and transvestites were eager to tune it.

The Contenders

11 There once was a man in L.A., he wore his pants a precarious way. One time they fell down and he said with a frown, "Man, it shrunk 2 sizes today!"
12 There once was a man from Peru, he had some growing up to do. He'd ring a doorbell, then run like hell. Till an owner shot him with a .22
13 There was a lady called Mum, who (has to be said) had a very large bum; she went to Bombay to give it away; and when she came back she had none.

Apologies to anyone reading this who has a backside (large or small) it was all I could think of ;P - Britgirl

14 There was a young man called Billy, who felt a little bit silly; after mocking a man "Ha! You're smaller than I am!" He was promptly kicked in his willy

Apologies to anyone called Billy. I couldn't rhyme "Silly" with Adrian, could I...? - Britgirl

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