Top 10 Best Lincoln Loud Episodes

Lincoln Loud has more episodes focused on then any other character on the show so here is a list of the best ones

The Top Ten

1 Mall of Duty

This is my favorite episode of the whole show so of course I would put it on this list - Spongehouse

2 Undie Pressure

Love it

3 Save The Date
4 Yes Man
5 11 Louds A Leapin'

Its where Lincoln discovers about Mr, Grouses family and how he is unable to visit them which is why he's always so grouchy around the holiday season and upon learning about this he gathers everyone to cheer up Mr. Grouse and even getting him a bus ticket so he can visit his family on Christmas and also celebrating Christmas Eve with him so he won't be so lonely. - egnomac

This is everyone's best episode, because IT IS the best episode!

6 Linc or Swim
7 Not a Loud

The episode that finally puts to rest that fan theory of Lincoln being adopted, though the story Lynn Sr. and Rita is ridicules Lincoln is proven to be a real Loud. - egnomac

8 The Loudest Yard
9 For Bros About to Rock
10 Hand me Downer

The Contenders

11 Left in the Dark
12 Jeers for Fears
13 Deal Me Out
14 Out of The Picture
15 Butterfly Effect
16 Dance, Dance, Resolution
17 Get The Message
18 Roughin' It
19 The Price of Admission
20 No Guts, No Glori
21 Predict Ability
22 Project Loud House
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