Top 10 Best Lincoln Loud Moments

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1 Giving Up Going to Chandler's Party to Cover for Lori So She Can Go to The Dance from The Waiting Game

This was such a touching moment even though at times Lori and Lincoln have their differences it really shows the deep bond between them after earlier in the episode Lincoln takes advantage of Lori's job to get free stuff in order to bribe Chandler so he can get an invite to his party which he does unfortunately he ends up getting Lori in trouble with her boss who's now making her work overtime to pay back for all the free stuff she gave him not only that but she also has to work on the day of the dance that she wants to go to feeling bad for what he does he gives up going to Chandler's party and convinces Lori's boss to let him cover for her so she can go to the dance Lori thanks him for covering for her and consoles him for not going to Chandler's party he then apologizes to Lori for using her the same way Chandler used him and they both hug. - egnomac

About the only good part of this episode.

2 Kissing Ronnie Anne At Jean-Juan's from Save The Date
3 Taking The Fall for Clogging the Toilet to Protect Lucy from Sleuth or Consequences

Even though he really wanted to go to the comic convention at the same time he doesn't want to see Lucy suffer endless humiliation by her sisters by confessing that the Princess Pony book that clogged the toilet was really hers, just as Lucy's is about to confess Lincoln steps in and lies telling them the book belongs to him and like Lucy was afraid of the sisters make fun of him he gets grounded and misses the convention when Lucy asks why he took the blame Lincoln says its because he wanted to protect her and that he'll always have her back. - egnomac

This is one of the best moments in the whole show - Spongehouse

4 Telling Lana to Just Be Herself from Toads and Tiara's

After Lola is unable to compete in the pageant where the winner wins season passes to Dairyland Amusement park he then convinces Lana to take Lola's place in the pageant while also training her to look and act girly and be the perfect pageant queen which proves to be a lot more difficult as she's unable to resist old habits which frustrates Lincoln so much that he berates her which ends up making Lana feel incredibly bad for not being like the other girls even stating that their may be something wrong with her Lincoln eventually realizes how selfish he's been for trying to make Lana something that she's not and apologizes to her for the way he's been acting and tells her that she's fine just they way she is and tells her to just be herself and for the talent portion of the competition do her own act even though they will probably lose the Diaryland tickets but surprising enough they still win. - egnomac

Not gonna lie, I balled my eyes out. Easily my favourite moments #TissueIssues

5 Chasing After the Runaway Train to Save Lily from Mall of Duty

After rounding up his younger sisters he forgets about Lily who is still on the runaway train from earlier he asks Scoots for a ride in order to catch up with Lily at first she refuses until Lincoln sacrifices his autograph from Rip Hardcore to her so she can help and manages to save Lily before the train crashes as the younger sisters congratulate him but at the same time feel bad that he had to give up his autograph which is the whole reason why they went to the mall in the first place and Lincoln explains that their safety was more important than getting his autograph. - egnomac

6 Helping His Sisters Learn How to Get Money From Mom and Dad from Yes Man

Even though really didn't have to do it he agrees to help the sisters starting with Luna to use their strengths to their advantage in getting money from mom and dad unfortunately when its time for him to ask they tell him that there's no money left since they gave it all to his sisters and that he should have asked earlier, of course everything works out as the sisters show their appreciation towards Lincoln for helping them by not only performing a private concert but also managing to convince his favorite band SMOOCH to perform as well. - egnomac

7 Apologizing to His Sisters and Inviting Them to The Burpin' Burger in a Limo for Out on a Limo

After acting like a jerk for most of the episode including breaking his promise to his sisters to take them to the Burpin' Burger in the Limo he ends up paying for his selfishness by getting kicked out of the limo by Kirby the driver after his time expires then gets rejected by Lord Teterby because he no longer has his limo he realizes what a jerk he was to everyone the next day he apologizes not only to his sisters but to Kirby for selfishness and convinces him let him have one more day with the limo and fulfills his promise and takes his sisters to the Burpin' Burger. - egnomac

8 Helping Leni to Learn to Drive

It was really great seeing Lincoln going to such lengths just to help Leni to drive so she can try and pass her driving test. - egnomac

9 Helping Lola to Read from Read Aloud

After spending a good amount of time trying to get Lola to read just one book so the family can win a private pizza party Lola admits to him that she has trouble learning to read knowing that they're going to miss the deadline for the reading contest Lincoln agrees to help Lola to learn to read and as they're leaving the family angrily confronts them and tell them that they missed the deadline for the contest Lincoln tries to take the fall until Lola steps in admitting that she had trouble reading and that Lincoln was helping her. - egnomac

10 Sacrificing His Friendship with Bobby for Lori from A Fair to Remember

Lincoln and Bobby become really good friends almost like brothers leaving Lori incredibly jealous and attempts to win Bobby back by going on a date with an unconscious Clyde to the fair the same one Lincoln and Bobby are going to and of course it doesn't work later Lincoln sees Lori crying about she's lost her bobby forever feeling bad for her Lincoln decides to give up his bro time with Bobby for Lori. - egnomac

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11 Helping Lola with Her School Photo from Out of the Picture
12 Lincoln Becomes Linka from One of The Boys
13 Lincoln Sharpens His Pencil While Crushing on Ms. Dimartino
14 Dressing Up Like a Girl from A Novel Idea
15 Setting Off All of Laun's Pranks to Prevent Ronnie Anne From Getting Pranked from April Fool's Rules
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