Top Ten Best Lindsay Quotes (Total Drama)

Lindsay is my favorite character from TD, so I'm gonna share a few of my favorite quotes from her mouth.

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1 Like how you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying, little- [Beep]

Perfect way to describe her. - Turkeyasylum

I love it! - Gehenna

2 You know how to stop making mistakes! Teach me!

I wish I knew how... - Turkeyasylum

3 Are you Tyler?

I was going to add that the list but when I saw it was already here I laughed. - flamingsoul

Remember when Lindsay asked ever "Are you Tyler? " and ever whacked Lindsay in the face with a piece of steak. - Catacorn

No, I am not, - Turkeyasylum

4 Someone who treats deer and trees like that is not a friend to deer, or trees!

No! You don't say! - Turkeyasylum

5 Communal bathrooms? But I'm not Catholic!

It may be a little bit offensive, but I still found it funny. - Turkeyasylum

6 Goodbye Heather. I hope you get everything your karma owes you.

Yes, and your wish came true. - Turkeyasylum

7 I'm stuck, too! I so didn't see that coming.
8 This wouldn't have happened if Chris took us to the mall like he promised!

Word of advice: it's in your head. - Turkeyasylum

9 I don't know what came to my head. Now I do! Heather's a total [Long Censor Bleep]
10 Oh, I so need this! I've been dealing with nasty razor stubble for weeks.

Just shows how optimistic Lindsay is. - Turkeyasylum

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1. Like how you're a two-faced, backstabbing, lying, little- [Beep]
2. You know how to stop making mistakes! Teach me!
3. Are you Tyler?


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