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1 Shatter Me Shatter Me Cover Art

Roundtable Rival is a great song, but this is unparalleled. Perfectly balanced voice, fast and emotional violin, great tone on the pads and an overall clever set of lyrics.

Lindsey and Lizzy make this song a real piece of art. Both strong vocal and violing performance are increadible.

Lindsey Stirling’s Shatter Me is the best song ever. Millions of people say that this is the best song ever.

2 Roundtable Rival Roundtable Rival Cover Art

This song is very energetic and fun. And the music video is one of the best I've ever seen.

The first song by Lindsey Stirling that I'd ever heard

I love the video and the violin is boss!

This is her best by far!

3 Phantom of the Opera Medley Phantom of the Opera Medley Cover Art

Love this one

4 Crystallize Crystallize Cover Art

One of the best instrumental song that's mixed with dance, pop and classical music. It's a song that I would love to play on violin someday.

Best instrumental song ever. Never heard anything like this before. No matter how many times you hear it, you always wanna hear it again...

I am learning to play this on the violin! I am Lindsey's #1 fan, and I'm 11 years old. I listen to her music all the time! Crystallize is so amazing because it is a song that is fast but also slow and graceful! My dance teacher introduced me to her! #Team Lindsey! 😉

Nope, this is definitely better than roundtable revive

5 My Immortal My Immortal Cover Art

...the bad Harry Potter fanfic?

6 Lord of the Rings Medley

Just wonderful!

Ans her singing at the end ❤

I never get this feeling before pure love in her voice! For me her best song!

7 What Child Is This
8 Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil Cover Art

Beyond the Veil displays just how much power a violin can actually produce. Lindsey's high notes and artistic scratches are exhilarating, and the rough sounding low notes she plays provide just enough depth to the song. Amazing!

This song is legendary

Love the culmination.

9 Take Flight Take Flight Cover Art

Not my favorite of her songs, but I'll admit it's musically the best!

Very inspiring. Adore this song, orchestral version too.

The best musical instruments I've ever heard!

My all time favorite, it it just a piece of art

10 Elements Elements Cover Art

The music video is awesome

Awesome and inspireing

the first lindsey stirling song I ever heard

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11 We are Giants We are Giants Cover Art

This fills me with music and hope.

Love it. Gives me the hypes!

Inspired me during hard times and made me a giant:)

wonderful song, motivational

12 Radioactive

#12? This needs to be higher!

13 Song of the Caged Bird Song of the Caged Bird Cover Art

I love this song! It is one of the bests ever! It should be in the top ten! :D

14 The Arena The Arena Cover Art

I like this song because it has a strong beat to the music

One of the best, actually.

This song is amazing

Love this video

15 Shadows Shadows Cover Art

Absolutely the best, but there are also some great songs which aren't in this post like First Light or Anti-Gravity.

One of the best songs, very vivid.

very energetic

16 Transcendence

Discovered this song about half a year after getting into Lindsey Stirling six years ago. It has been my favorite song of all time since, and probably will be until the end of my days. This alternate version of an already popular song of hers is in a league of its own. I think this song is so spectacularly well made that you don't even need to consider the existence of the original in order to get the full grasp of what the orchestral version has to offer.

The incredibly rich and creative soundscape establishes great atmosphere and the sound quality of the lead violin is almost from another realm. The pacing of the song is incredible as the varied instuments and added notes and mixups to many of the tie-ins between the choruses and verses make different parts distinct, and gives the song a fantastic build up throughout, and it never lets up. It does a better job of conveying the message of the song than the original, a message about finding your inspiration and your means of ...more

Lindsey Stirling has a transcendence to a lot of untalented musicians, who gain millions on simple trash.

This I am sure is among Lindsey Stirling top 5, how is this here!

I love the background behind this song. It's so beautiful.

17 Lost Girls Lost Girls Cover Art

Why isn't this in the top ten? It is beautiful, played well, and my favorite Lindsey song! #LostGirlsFindaWay

This should stay on top 5

this is very motivational for me

18 Skyrim
19 Moon Trance Moon Trance Cover Art

I love this song one of my personal favorites! how is this not on the top 10

Epic, Epic, EPIC song! Very suited for Halloween.

20 Masters of Tides Masters of Tides Cover Art

Sometimes confuse this with Beyond the Veil lol

21 Something Wild Something Wild Cover Art

Really excellent song.

22 Spontaneous Me Spontaneous Me Cover Art

It's so amazing! How can it even not be in top ten?!
Every time I hear this song,I close my eyes & my hands & foot's starts moving to the rhythm. Definitely it's being misjudged. But I LOVE THIS SONG. Thanks LINDSEY..

23 Electric Daisy Violin Electric Daisy Violin Cover Art

My tap dance song for this year... it makes me want to dance all the time! This song is so energetic and fun!

24 We Found Love We Found Love Cover Art

Both song and the video is great,!

25 Stampede Stampede Cover Art
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