Best Lindsey Stirling Songs

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1 Shatter Me

Lindsey and Lizzy make this song a real piece of art. Both strong vocal and violing performance are increadible.

Good love it


2 Roundtable Rival

This song is very energetic and fun. And the music video is one of the best I've ever seen.

This is her best by far!

3 Crystallize

Best instrumental song ever. Never heard anything like this before. No matter how many times you hear it, you always wanna hear it again...

Song is so beautiful, it literally flows through you.

I am learning to play this on the violin! I am Lindsey's #1 fan, and I'm 11 years old. I listen to her music all the time! Crystallize is so amazing because it is a song that is fast but also slow and graceful! My dance teacher introduced me to her! #Team Lindsey! 😉

4 Phantom of the Opera Medley

Love this one - taufiq13

It is so good!

5 My Immortal
6 Lord of the Rings Medley

Just wonderful!

Ans her singing at the end ❤

I never get this feeling before pure love in her voice! For me her best song!

7 What Child Is This
8 Elements

The music video is awesome

the best

9 Beyond the Veil

Beyond the Veil displays just how much power a violin can actually produce. Lindsey's high notes and artistic scratches are exhilarating, and the rough sounding low notes she plays provide just enough depth to the song. Amazing!

This song is legendary - YOUnique253

10 Song of the Caged Bird

I love this song! It is one of the bests ever! It should be in the top ten! :D

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11 Take Flight

Not my favorite of her songs, but I'll admit it's musically the best!

The best musical instruments I've ever heard! - taufiq13

My all time favorite, it it just a piece of art - YOUnique253

Definitely the best.

12 Radioactive

#12? This needs to be higher!

13 We are Giants

This fills me with music and hope.

Love it. Gives me the hypes! - IcyUsefulEyeball

14 The Arena

I like this song because it has a strong beat to the music

This song is amazing

Hell yeah

15 Shadows
16 Skyrim
17 Spontaneous Me

It's so amazing! How can it even not be in top ten?!
Every time I hear this song,I close my eyes & my hands & foot's starts moving to the rhythm. Definitely it's being misjudged. But I LOVE THIS SONG. Thanks LINDSEY..

18 Moon Trance

Epic, Epic, EPIC song! Very suited for Halloween.

19 Transcendence

I love the background behind this song. It's so beautiful.

20 Something Wild

Really excellent song.

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