Best LINE Let's Get Rich Characters


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1 Alice

Go to start after build 3 buildings, how cool is that? - alvinfhrz

You Can't Found Alice Skill in Pendant...
Only Alice and White Alice Can do that.

2 Veranda JKT48

The first character with awakening ability, the trio deserves the top 3 place

Increase your toll every time you pass start, that's just so crazy man - GetRichPlayer

3 Tricia Tricia

She would be a perfect card if she can increase Gold and RP bonus and a skill of course - GetRichPlayer

The first ever S+ card, she's probably the best character ever - alvinfhrz

She may be the first ever S+ card, but alice or yoon-a deserves this place tricia is not really great if there's a s+ CoCo she would probably be stronger than this card

My first s plus card, I got almost 900k when the first time I used it

4 Zeus


Probably the only best and strong male card o.o - alvinfhrz

5 Sheep Diana
6 Sheep Noo-Yim

The BEST and the RAREST card along with Sheep Diana - alvinfhrz

7 Guan Yu

His pendant is good - alvinfhrz

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8 Mariano

How can this guy even get in the top ten what

Not really strong but his Dice Control is great - alvinfhrz

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9 Ariel/Undine


10 Muse

Come on we know that muse is one of the most wnted char right now

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The Contenders

11 White Alice

She's probably a new char card but her pendant is better than perfect lucky gold bell

Deserves to be at the top 3, Alice's cards are the best. I'm waiting for the swimsuit alice with 4 different pendants

I just got the S+ yesterday from the S+ card guaranteed how lucky I am - GetRichPlayer

12 Puppeteer Constantine
13 Dark Cain
14 Melody JKT48

She probably has the best pendant ever but it has a low chance to work - alvinfhrz

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15 Artez

Haven't use her, but her pendant is so perfect and similar to top racer helmet on Get Rich Kakao talk

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16 Beach Girl Arian
17 Cypher
18 Chihiro
19 Knight Henry
20 Cinnamoroll
21 Athena

Best double dice ability card ever until I write this review. you can try combine with double dice chance 2nd ability pendant. its works. my athena 50% + 26% = 76% double dice each turn.

22 Genie
23 Samurai Reina
24 Diaochan

Mess card her ability doesn't work properly

25 CoCo
26 Yoon-A

This girl deserves to be at the top 10 oh my god - GetRichPlayer

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27 Awaken Haruka JKT48

One Of My favorite Card...
Alice, Awaken Haruka, Tricia, Tribal Couple, Victoria, Diaochan, Sally, and Boy Pakorn...

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28 Lucy
29 Dark Beach Girl Arian
30 Beatrice

She's so rare and the s+ is so hard to get just like the sheep duo

31 Diva Moira

This card has lower ability than tricia lmao mess

32 Maid Victoria
33 Teacher Ara
34 Goddess Yura
35 Photographer Edward
36 Pilot Mariano
37 Tribal Couple

I don't Know Why, I just think... Tribal Couple is the best One...

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38 Christine
39 Lady Noo-Yim

I wish that they would made the S+ class of her

40 Francesca
41 Haruka JKT48

27? Really!? The trio are probably some of the strongest cards in this game - GetRichPlayer

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42 Boy Pakorn

He's a good looking guy I also love his pendant

43 Jessica

Her stats are awesome but her pendant... - GetRichPlayer

44 Margie
45 Cordelia
46 Caliph
47 Noo-Yim A+
48 Lexia

Who the hell is lexia!?

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49 Victoria
50 Rock&Roll Apollon
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