Best LINE Let's Get Rich Characters


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1 Alice

You Can't Found Alice Skill in Pendant...
Only Alice and White Alice Can do that.

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2 Tricia Tricia

She would be a perfect card if she can increase Gold and RP bonus and a skill of course - GetRichPlayer

She may be the first ever S+ card, but alice or yoon-a deserves this place tricia is not really great if there's a s+ CoCo she would probably be stronger than this card

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3 Veranda JKT48

The first character with awakening ability, the trio deserves the top 3 place

Increase your toll every time you pass start, that's just so crazy man - GetRichPlayer

4 Zeus V 2 Comments
5 Sheep Noo-Yim

The BEST and the RAREST card along with Sheep Diana - alvinfhrz

6 Sheep Diana
7 Guan Yu

His pendant is good - alvinfhrz

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8 Mariano

How can this guy even get in the top ten what

Not really strong but his Dice Control is great - alvinfhrz

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9 Muse

Come on we know that muse is one of the most wnted char right now

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10 Ariel/Undine V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 White Alice

She's probably a new char card but her pendant is better than perfect lucky gold bell

Deserves to be at the top 3, Alice's cards are the best. I'm waiting for the swimsuit alice with 4 different pendants

I just got the S+ yesterday from the S+ card guaranteed how lucky I am - GetRichPlayer

12 Dark Cain
13 Melody JKT48

She probably has the best pendant ever but it has a low chance to work - alvinfhrz

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14 Puppeteer Constantine
15 Artez

Haven't use her, but her pendant is so perfect and similar to top racer helmet on Get Rich Kakao talk

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16 Beach Girl Arian
17 Cypher
18 Knight Henry
19 CoCo
20 Yoon-A

This girl deserves to be at the top 10 oh my god - GetRichPlayer

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