Top Ten Best Lines from The Amazing World of Gumball

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1 Did you know that 79% of stair accidents happen on the stairs? - Gumball Watterson

I fell down the stairs one time it was so painful

I fell down on the stairs I broke my butt

I love watching this show ad I'm 42

I love this show!

2 Ive got a medical condition called laziness - Richard Watterson
3 Maybe its because of my perfect skin! - Darwin Watterson
4 Out of my way! My kids are in danger!...Of becoming their father! - Nicole Watterson

Sounds kinda like the father is a stripper, and the children are in sex ed

I have heard this TOO many times. But its too late so...

This is what my Mom thinks, lol

5 What the What?! - Gumball Watterson

*Opens door, causing bucket to fall down and spill out lava*

What the What?!

What can I say? It's a classic! Not just a one-liner like number 1 on this list.

Now I have a habit of saying this..-.

That's more annoying than orange

6 Aww,Nobody cares about the summer of 83! - Gumball Watterson

LOL I remember hearing this line and cracking up.

Yeah that was the funniest line I heard. Until...

7 Oh...I'm so happy. But I kinda hate them now. - Leslie
8 I dont want to grow a third arm next I make a cup of coffee - Nicole Watterson

It's actually:
"I don't want to grow a third arm next TIME I make a cup of coffee."
By the way, awesome list!

9 You and me, outside, now! - Gumball Watterson

Love gumball he's the best

10 You sound like the world's angriest baby.
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11 We grow up so fat! - Richard Watterson

A clever joke and one of Richards funniest lines

12 The End Is Near - Random Old Man

Gary hedges martin peaches and donald macarthur died

13 But if you cry, I cry. - Darwin Watterson
14 Just shut up, okay! - Alan the Balloon

This is a funny line,though Alan in The Storm is very cool.I love him.

This is his line in the storm! In the episode, He is the nicest and coolest of sll episodes!

15 What should I do with my life? Maybe start living it - Nicole and Richard

The choises is the best episode!

16 Do you have a quarter? Cause I told my mom I would call her when I fell in love... - Tobias Wilson
17 It's Baby Anais, the living baby doll! - Gumball and Darwin

The living baby doll that will punch you

Dundananana! IT'S THE ANAIHALATAAAAAAAR! With realistic kung fu karate chop action! She can break anything with her tiny HAAA-AAAAAAAAAAAND! Nothing can stop her! Trees! Cars! Bricks! Walls! Her face! IT'S THE ANAIHALATAAAAAAAR! (explosion)

It's the Anaihlater

It’s baby Anais the living ba- OWW

18 Daniel Lennard is not a man, he's a brand of cosmetics. - Gumball Watterson

This one is so funny.

19 Eat 100 hot dogs in a minute. That's not a dare, that's Tuesday. - Richard Watterson

Dodj or Daar, best game ever. When Darwin then has to copy Richard's actions 🤣🤣

20 Life's not about the destination. It's about the journey, and making friends along the way. The search for the meaning is, in fact, the very thing that gives our life a meaning, so, the true meaning of life is finding your own way to enjoy it.-Susie

This is EXACTLY why I love Susie!
This is the most beautifull line in the entire show!

21 I don't know how, but I know why - Darwin
22 You Leave Your Emotions at the Door! This Is Cheerleading! Not Drama Club! You Better Shape Up or Ship Out ! Cuz This the Big Leagues Sister and Right Now You're at the Bottom of the Barrell! - Mr. Small

Its funny because mr small is ussaly calm and pennys adudition was good

23 Make way losers ! I am more important than you ! - Zach (Gumball Watterson)

Best line ever because I feel this way about mysel because it's true

I feel this way

24 Daisy Daisy Daisy!

I was scarred for life when I first watched that episode

Oh Daisy is the scariest because of That was my dream

Anias was creepy in that episode and daisy was creepy in that was my dream it was all "la la la la..."

25 TOBIAS! More of your dweeb loser baby friends have arrived - Rachel Wilson

I honestly only put this because I love the name Rachel... It's my favorite! :D

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