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1 For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life - Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath

The one and only Dio. He was a great singer and poet. R.I.P. Dio. - Metal_Treasure

2 You'll take my life but I'll take yours, too - The Trooper, Iron Maiden
3 You labeled me, I'll label you, so I dub thee Unforgiven - The Unforgiven I, Metallica
4 Absolute horror, I cannot live, I cannot die - One, Metallica
5 It's when life's so precious that every moment hurts - White Omega, Moonspell

@PositronWildhawk: you nailed it, too - the author of this line published 2 poetry books and has a degree in philosophy! Nobody on this list has this combination. He is also their singer. His name is Fernando Ribeiro and he's Portuguese but writes and sings in English. - Metal_Treasure

This lyric nails it. - PositronWildhawk

6 Military Intelligence: two words combined that can't make sense - Hangar 18, Megadeth

@visitor - Good God, you're difficult. Looks like I'm gonna have to explain everything to you again. Just because this item is on the list doesn't necessarily mean we think it's true. It's just a way of Dave Mustaine expressing HIS opinion. That we think is done in an impressive way. Maybe if you actually listened to the song you would understand. And for the record, I like other genres besides metal, even though it's my favourite. I listen to various artists of every genre. - IronSabbathPriest

@visitor- so basically you're saying I'm unworthy of arguing with you. I apologise, your Grace. You think because I'm 15 I haven't seen a lot of this world. You know nothing of me. How old are you exactly? 20? 30? 40? 16? And you smoke cigars, woah. I'm kneeling before you. Maybe try weed next. And I suppose you won't listen to the song either. But that's your problem. - IronSabbathPriest

Good grief. A dumbass, empty-headed slogan left over from the drug-addled hippies, yippies and yahoos that polluted the 60s. Upon whom do YOU depend to defend you and your country from it's deadliest enemies? Ozzy Osbourne?

7 Keep the world with all its sin, it's not fit for livin' in - Beyond The Realms Of Death, Judas Priest
8 Can it be that there's some sort of error? Hard to stop the surmounting terror. Is it really the end, not some crazy dream? - Hallowed Be thy Name, Iron Maiden

Tears flow but why am I crying...

Oh,someone added it too? I have also added this line.just short - zxm

9 Truth is a beast with a sad face, a demon, the cruelest of all - Doom, Blind Guardian
10 What do you mean I ain't kind, just not your kind - Peace Sells, Megadeth

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11 Don't smell the flowers, they're an evil drug to make you lose your mind - Don't Talk To Strangers, Dio
12 We have the power make our lives what they are to be, reconnect with our humanity - Anthem, Iced Earth
13 What do you mean, "I don't pay my bills"? Why do you think I'm broke? Huh? - Peace Sells, Megadeth
14 Life down here is just a strange illusion - Hallowed Be Thy Name , Iron Maiden

This line is so meaningful.and also dark meaning - zxm

15 Tomorrow will take us away, far from home no one will ever know our names but the bards' songs will remain - The Bard's Song, Blind Guardian
16 No one but me can save myself, but it's too late - Fade to Black, Metallica
17 Yesterday seems as though it never existed - Fade to Black, Metallica
18 How could he know this new dawn's light Would change his life forever? - The Unforgiven III, Metallica
19 The lover of life's not a sinner - Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath
20 Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you, could be swept away by fate's own hand - Blood Brothers, Iron Maiden
21 Cruelty has a human heart, every man does play his part - Paschendale, Iron Maiden

The way Bruce sings this always gets to me. - IronSabbathPriest

22 Killing for religion, something I don't understand - Holy Wars, Megadeth
23 He walked the streets a soldier , and he fought the world alone - 18 And Life, Skid row
24 Sweet child in time , you'll see the line , the line that's drawn between good and bad - Child In Time , Deep Purple
25 What do you mean I hurt your feelings, I didn't know you had any feelings - Peace Sells, Megadeth
26 Call Me What You Will but I'll Take My Time Anywhere, I'm Free to Speak My Mind Anywhere - Wherever I May Roam, Metallica
27 Oh how I wish for soothing rain, all I wish is to dream again - Nemo, Nightwish
28 A country that's divided. Surely will not stand. - Holy Wars, Megadeth
29 A friend so young who's life was cut, we drink the rain to clear our throats, we drink the poison to make it go - A Greater Darkness, Moonspell
30 I am the parent's love, unchanging, unconditional and pure, I am the loyal friend whose heart will never let you down, I am the hand that pulls you back into the boat before you drown - I Am, Theocracy
31 Shame covers me, what was light has turned to dark, pain torments me, where there once was something holy now beats my blackened heart - Sinner, Theocracy
32 God save us from the stupid leaders who lead a million souls to death - Blood On Your Hands, Primal Fear
33 I know that I'm torn up inside and the man that I am is a man that I don't know - The Man (That I Don't Know), Primal Fear
34 Why am I loved only when I'm gone? - Bless the Child, Nightwish
35 The soul's like water, and like rain, it will return - The New Order, Blind Guardian
36 Who'll grant me wings to fly? And will I have another try? - At The Edge Of Time, Blind Guardian
37 So we will slaughter in the name of Christ. Holy father, Holy father - Poor Man's Crusade, Demons & Wizards
38 Can it be that there's some sort of error - Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden
39 Cause it's free and I see that it's me Who's lost and never found - Rainbow In the Dark , Dio
40 I'm a clever bankers face, with just a letter out of place - El Dorado, Iron Maiden
41 Nightfall quietly crept in and changed us all - Nightfall, Blind Guardian
42 Don't hide in doorways, you may find the key that opens up your soul - Don't Talk To Strangers, Dio
43 She still has sunshine in her weary eyes, a bed of roses to testify my love - Love’s Tragedy Asunder, Demons & Wizards
44 You know that I am heading for a meltdown Controlling me losing it all. Just take away the tears I’m suffocating, don’t leave me here waiting - Love and Death
45 Grab your heart, I'll show you the way, now hold your head up high - Land of the Free, Gamma Ray
46 As Earth Becomes a Vacant Lot, There's Nothing Left to Heal. No Colour in the Skies, No One Left to Blame - Imperiled Eyes, Annihilator
47 And the Road Becomes My Bride, I Have Stripped of All but Pride, So in Her I Do Confide - Wherever I May Roam, Metallica
48 I Live a Life of Loyalty True to Myself and My Own, a Sea of Life So Peaceful and Serene, the Path of Life Lies Open Wide for Me - Path of Glory, Demons & Wizards
49 I'm in flames ‘cause I have touched the light - Wheel of Time, Blind Guardian
50 Hell, hell is here. I was born for dying, life planned out before my birth - Disposable Heroes, Metallica

An anti-war song (about soldiers). - Metal_Treasure

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