Top Ten Lines People Would Say If the Whole World Was an Advertisement

This list is made by 99.9% knowledge and 0.1% laziness.

The Top Ten

1 Oh no, the floor is dirty, that's why I use this cloth with a powerful absorbent power and you can use again, again and again. And comes with a teddy bear also.

Is it bad I pretend to be in commercials when it comes to this or cleaning Windows etc. ?

2 I prefer this good ol' shoes, with 40% fabric 60% non - fabric but all with 100% guaranteed price
3 I love this restaurant, with all great foods like this mouth watering doughnut for 99p and this mouth massaging soup for only £2.99

I'm glad the world isn't an advertisement. That could be weird. - CardboardBox

4 Can I have Coca Cola, all with a 100% artificial flavour

I was laughing hard.
Don't forget-GMO's! Yes people, a whole lotta poop!

5 Quick give me the candlelight, now that's what I'm talking about, with a strong wax and a little science this candle will have a 24-35 hours of usage.
6 I love this drink but nothing compares to this almighty drink, all with a great price too
7 I prefer Morrisons, with items content fit enough for the costumers and at a good reduced price. Banter!

I wonder if Morrison's deals light anybody's fires.

(Awful, I know. ) - PetSounds

8 Son, use this shampoo, all made with good substance and 99.9% people preferring and recommending this stuff
9 We're having sausage rolls with a Buy 1, get 1 free bargain. Now that's how Aunt Bessie likes it
10 I am biased in favour of this product and will make crap up about it like fancy sounding statistics to make you buy it!

It's what they all do. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 I love this swing, it only costs about £99 and with a 100% aluminium steel
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