Best Lines On Pink Floyd's the Wall

I intended to do "Best Lines In a Pink Floyd Song",but it was already taken,so I decided to do this instead.I won't comment on the items like I usually (try to) do,because I have no clear explanation why I like those,it's just that...okay I have no idea how to explain myself.

The Top Ten Best Lines On Pink Floyd's the Wall

What shall we use... To fill the empty spaces... Where we used to talk?... How shall I fill... The final places?... How should I complete the wall? (Empty Spaces)

"Empty Spaces" is the darkest and most sinister piece on the entire album and the words highlight every suspenseful chord and serious nature of the track; The rising build and crescendo is matched only by the dark atmosphere that equally matches the suspense of the piece. It is my second-favorite track on the entire masterpiece, second only to the "Another Brick in the Wall" tracks for the feel and emotion reflected by these lyrics running in synchronization with the very powerful melody of the piece itself.

We don't need no education! (Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2)

Only imagination it makes us unique and it never perished us never even Einstein - Kevinsidis

Yes. The results are painfully in. The last two generations have absorbed little in the way of critical knowledge.

By the way: Hands-down the most depressing band of all time.

No education! feels awesome.I would fly around the wall if there wasn't education (just joking) - zxm

The flames are all gone, but the pain lingers on. (Goodbye Blue Sky)
I don't need no arms around me, and I don't need no drugs to calm me. I have seen the writing on the wall, don't think I need anything at all. (Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3)
Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear, I sentence you to be exposed before your peers. Tear down the wall! (The Trial)
Hey you, standing in the road always doing what you're told, can you help me? Hey you, out there beyond the wall, breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me? Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all. Together we stand, divided we fall.
Day after day, love turns grey like the skin of a dying man. Night after night, we pretend it's all right (One of My Turns)
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone (Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2)

Memorable, just weird timing.

If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes you'll just have to claw your way through this disguise. (In the Flesh?)
You slip out of your depth and out of your mind with your fear flowing out behind you as you claw the thin ice. (The Thin Ice)

The Contenders

The child is grown, the dream is gone. (Comfortably Numb)

A very sad lyric of a very sad song. - BlackMetalDagger666

The line is more meaningful than my imagination.but as far as I know this is one of my most favorite line - zxm

We don't need no thought control (Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2)

This lyric describes problems that many people have. Very true. - BlackMetalDagger666

And when they've given you their all some stagger and fall. After all it's not easy banging your head against some mad bugger's wall. (Outside the Wall)
You better make your face up in your favorite disguise. With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes. With your empty smile and your hungry heart. (Run Like Hell)
Can you show me where it hurts? (Comfortably Numb)

It is implied in the movie and the song that Pink’s pain is not physical but emotional. He is fighting drug addiction, depression, social awkwardness, and the fears his mother put into him.

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