Top 10 Linkin Park Songs With Chester Only

These are the best Linkin Park songs that don't feature Mike rapping or singing, just Chester. No disrespect to Mike but the slightest bit of him won't be accepted. Hope I don't sound mean.

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1 Breaking the Habit

My favorite song by LP. Breathtakingly amazing and I will always love LP thanks to this song. - lukestheman4

Chester is the best singer in the world and nicely sung the song. The feelings of Chester when he sings it shows that he is the passionate singer.


It is one my favorite song of Linkin Park. I love the lyrics of this song & mainly I like about this song is the vocal of chester bennington... This song is really awesome! Love chester!

This is my favorite song by Linkin Park overall - ethanwakeman

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2 New Divide

The only of my top 3 LP songs without Mike, but when playing Rockband Blitz, I thought I could hear him singing in the background of the chorus, is that just me?

It's the best song of Linkin Park in my opinion, chester is at his best in this song, it should be number 1

New Divide is all time best song.

Mike sang in the chorus.Listen carefully with speakers or headphones - wriddhak

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3 Leave Out All the Rest

Man this song is a huge way better than other ones. People always say that minutes to midnight wasn't as quality as meteora and hybrid theory. I can say this album is the best album they've ever made by looking this song. So hands down. This song makes that album the best by itself.

Man this song is best on mtm album and also way better than breaking the habit... People please vote this song up...

Great song should be number 1

Best song is undeniably Leave out all the rest.

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4 Given Up

When we start talking about the 18 seconds scream in this song we stand still eventually and it makes me wonder does he have a tanker instead of lungs in his chest?

I adore the 'heavy metal' feel of this song. I love the guitar riff and that 17-second scream is so awesome.

Those song 17 minutes scream LIVE... I ADORE IT


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5 No More Sorrow

He still doesn't do lead vocals... Which is why this is probably the best only chester song, along with a few others.

Mike is in No More Sorrow, if you listen closely to the chorus, he is clearly chanting 'No-o-o'

6 Numb

This song actually has Mike in the background, singing "caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow".

Truly the best by Chester
This song has got everything

Chester's voice sounds incredible in the song. I'm a fan

Mike is in here. - Johnalove

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7 Pushing Me Away - Live Piano Solo

14?! Are you kidding me? This should be top 5, with only New Divide, Breaking the Habit, and Leave Out All The Rest in front of this! - goldiekitty2

Best of Best of Best

The notes that he reach in the entire music is to make a people crazy, and the piano in background is to take breathing...

Probabily one of the best ever LP music ever in the band history

Best live performance of Chester's voice

8 What I've Done

Mike is there in this song Chanting "Na Na Na" - Paree

This song has Mike near the ending.

Wonderful song by chester

What the heck? 14? It's one of the very top LP songs
Numb is not Chester only that's why it's at 15 but this...

9 And One

This one actually has a Mike rap at the end so please take this one off the list

10 Shadow of the Day

Its so so calm and deep... Seems to be as if it is easy to sing but man! That's not so!

I love this song, it's awesomely deep. Vote for it!

It is BEAUTIFUL and if anyone says it's bad I will be so angry!

It should be in number 1

The Contenders

11 Roads Untraveled

This is my personal favourite. It helps me feel better when I'm down. Really this song helped me through breakup. I owe my life to this song. AND IT WAS NOT EVEN ON THIS LIST!

What? Mike is the main vocalist in this song not Chester - wriddhak

Mike is the first one to sing in this song.

Mike sings most of this...

12 Powerless
13 Until It's Gone

This song is amazing and very meaningful I am in love with it.

14 Wish
15 In Pieces

I truly love the meaning of this song. I love it that Chester laid down some rough vocals. One of my favorite songs with Chester in it! Totaly in love with Chester bennington

It's a good song with only chester in it but also crazy guitar

This is the best song ever.

Love this deep
miss you chester

16 Rolling in the Deep

Only a singer like Chester could sing this song like Adele or maybe better than her!

That performance was amazing. And in my opinions it was far better than it's original version.

17 Final Masquerade

Linkin Park worked so hard on this song and Chester put a lot of effort singing this song, so this deserves to be in the top 10 or even #1.

The Placement of this song in The Hunting Party is perfect. The lyrics bring me up.

I really liked this, I didn't think it would be the 17th.

The best song of Hunting Party. The instrumentals are awesome and Chester's voice is just... Damn.
This deserves to be in the Top 10 if not the Top 3 along with New Divide and Breaking the Habit.

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18 What We Don't Know

Best Clean Vocals from Chester... Lyrics are so deep and meaningful, it's crazy

19 I'll Be Gone

I'll Be Gone wasn't even in the list before, really?

20 The Messenger

In my opinion this is one of the best Chester vocal melody in screaming - jaykay

21 Across the Line
22 Valentine's Day

I love this song! It's beautiful song! lol

23 Castle of Glass

This song has mikes singing - Th3Zm0nst3r

This is the best song amazing music and you will hear it a lot best song.It should be in top five

24 One Step Closer

Mike sings "Cause I'm one step closer to the edge and I'm about to break" in the hook - yaygiants16

Mike is in, they scream together. - Johnalove

This is awesome

25 Robot Boy
26 Guilty All the Same
27 Crawling

I agree that it's a good song, but Mike raps in the pre-chorus.

28 One More Light
29 Not Alone

Inspiring and for a good cause. Incredible.

30 Mark the Graves
31 War
32 Sharp Edges

Favourite song from OML.

33 Halfway Right
34 Runaway

It does have mikes raping for a couple of lines - Th3Zm0nst3r

35 Talking to Myself
36 Nobody Can Save Me
37 Battle Symphony Battle Symphony
38 In the End

Mike literally raps the whole time in this song, it is not Chester only. - Johnalove

Bruh. Mike raps for like, MOST OF THE SONG. - yaygiants16

The Voice And The Rap - ANONYMOOSE

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