Best Linkin Park Songs Since A Thousand Suns

A Thousand Suns was not a great album. But after that Linkin Park has made some great songs which is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Lost In the Echo

Best of LP. Includes Electronic sounds, Its heavy, great instrumentals, Mike's rapping is perfect and fast and last but not the least contains one of chester's loudest screams (even though its not too long) - Paree

Listening to it right now, love the rapping and the scream in the end!

2 Wastelands
3 A Line In the Sand

Starts of like thousand suns but blasts off and its very energetic too. The starting guitaring is like Victimized - Paree

4 Burn It Down

It is a good song. Mike is awesome again. - Paree

What? How is this not #1?

5 Castle of Glass

Its groovy and mellow - Paree

6 I'll Be Gone

Its not so famous but it's a wonderful song. People who like New Divide will like this for sure. - Paree

7 Guilty All the Same

I like this song a lot, I'm shocked no ones commented on it!

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8 In My Remains V 1 Comment
9 Until It's Gone
10 Waiting for the End

The Contenders

11 Victimized

One of the most aggressive songs from Linkin Park. - Paree

12 Lies Greed Misery
13 Rebellion
14 Final Masquerade
15 Keys to the Kingdom

This song has one of the best screams from Chester Bennington.

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16 All for Nothing
17 War
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