Top 10 Linkin Park Songs Without the Song Title In the Lyrics

These are the best Linkin Park songs without the name of the song in the lyrics. You gotta know the words very well if you want to vote.

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1 Faint Faint

It is "I can't FEEL! The Way I did Before. Don't Turn Your Back on me. I WON't Be IGNORED! "

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2 Points of Authority Points of Authority

The Rap in this song is the main highlight of this song.. And the lyrics gets into the game after the rap, exactly how I'm thinking in my mind

Love it... it's just great! Also, I would choose Figure.09!

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3 The Catalyst The Catalyst

This is an awesome song, I think, it really needs a little more appreciation..

God bless this song... Gives me goosebumps when chester screams

My favorite LP song, very much better than Points of Authority

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4 Iridescent Iridescent

Best alternative rock song I've heard till now.

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?

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5 Figure.09 Figure.09

This song deserves more fans

6 Papercut Papercut

I like this song. It's great. Although I still think it's weird they mention faces underneath the skin...

Ha ha, this title isn't in the song. If it did have an appropriate title, my friends wouldn't be like 'What the hey? '.

Papercut on 9? I mean how the messenger and the catalyst above this song?

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7 The Messenger The Messenger

I think this is a rare lp song-in an accoustic guitar, it's pretty nice though, with beautiful lyrics

8 Qwerty

Qwerty is a great song. One of my favorites. The band should have continued in this style. Mike's rapping is skilled and clever, and Chester shows off the harsh side of his vocals.

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9 And One
10 Pushing Me Away Pushing Me Away

This has the title sang in it though we'll never mind it was a small mistake don't worry

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11 Cure for the Itch Cure for the Itch
12 Robot Boy Robot Boy

This song is so deep, the melody alone is enough to make one cry. I'll love this song forever!

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13 Foreword Foreword V 1 Comment
14 Primo
15 Slip

I love this song, the lyrics are amazing, pure poetry in the form of music.

16 Blue
17 Session Session
18 Wake Wake
19 Carousel

The song title IS sung in this song,"But can't get off the Carousel until he makes it stop". But all in all, quite a great song. Especially when Chester sings,"I never know just why you run so far away, far away from me! "

20 Tinfoil Tinfoil
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