Linkin Park - The Best Band of All Time

TheGodOfNewWorld Hybrid Theory (2000) - The first, the best!

I consider this the best album of Linkin Park!
In it's most of the songs in my top 10, in addition to In The End which is my favorite song of all!
Not only In The End, but also Papercut, Crawling, One Step Closer and With You songs that are also other level!
I consider this is the best album ever, no comparisons or questions!

Meteora (2003) - The continuation of the Best!

The second best album of Linkin Park and one of the best albums of all time!
Great songs are on this album, as Faint, From The Inside, Somewhere I Belong, Easier to Run and Numb (The best song of this album and the second best of Linkin Park).
This album is as good as Hybrid Theory!
This album is a highlight of the story of Linkin Park. Surely a record score of 10!

Minutes to Midnight (2007) - Linkin Park not lost your touch!

Another great album from Linkin Park. Surely Linkin Park has not lost your touch and created great music on this album!
Great songs on this album: Given Up, No More Sorrow, Leave Out All the Rest, Shadow of the Day and the best song from this album: What I've Done!
Surely great songs! Surely great album! Surely, this is Linkin Park!

A Thousand Suns (2010) - Linkin Park continues on the line!

This album is more a great feat Linkin Park!
This album is impossible to not be considered good with so many great songs on it! Great songs from this album: Iridescent, Burning in the Skies, The Catalyst and Waiting for the End! With this great songs this album is worthy of an album of Linkin Park!

Living Things (2012) - Linkin Park was not bad!

I hear many saying that the band was bad and that is not as good as before, but this is not true! This album is not as good as Hybrid Theory and Meteora, but it's a great album!
This album also has great songs: Burn It Down, I'll Be Gone, Castle of Glass and Lost In The Echo!
I can not stand to hear these people saying that Linkin Park was bad and this album is horrible, those songs are evidence that Linkin Park is still great!

- That's my opinion, many agree and many disagree but this will always be my opinion! Linkin Park is my favorite band, I love this band and always love it!! Therefore I ask you to respect my opinion! -

My Top Ten Linkin Park Songs:

  1. In The End

  2. Numb

  3. Papercut

  4. New Divide

  5. What I've Done

  6. Crawling

  7. One Step Closer

  8. From The Inside

  9. Faint

  10. Lost In The Echo


Even though it may be your favorite band, it's no where close to the best band of all time... - MoldySock

Why it can't be? - visitor

My favorite. - visitor

Linkin Park is the best band ever. B-) - visitor

Lost In The Echo is Great! Its Awesome but a little disappointing with A Thousan Suns - visitor

10+ article! That's all I have to say - UltimateHybridX

My personal opinion: Add more towards your reasoning for why these songs are great. Say, "Well, I find Hybrid Theory their best album because X, most of the songs are X, and the album is very good at dealing with X." This was people will not only respect your opinion more but also agree with your ideology to the point where they themselves might have an opinion identical to your own. This is just a suggestion, so if you don't want to take it to heart, that's fine - visitor

Joint favourite band along with Breaking Benjamin. Hybrid Theory all the way.

Should add The Hunting Party to the blog now. Epic album. - EvilAngel