RustyNail's Rock/Metal Album Reviews #5- Band/Artist: Linkin Park, Album: Hybrid Theory

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Band/ Artist - Linkin Park
Album - Hybrid Theory
Genres- Nu Metal / Rap Metal / Alt Metal
Chester Bennington- Lead Vocals
Mike Shinoda- Co- Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar / Keyboard / Piano
Brad Delson- Lead Guitar / Bass/ Backing Vocals
Joe Hahn- Turntables/ Records/ Samples/ Programming/ Backing vocals
Rob Bourdon- Drums/ Backing vocals

Track Listing
1. Papercut
2. One Step Closer
3. With You
4. Points Of Authority
5. Crawling
6. Runaway
7. By Myself
8. In The End
9. A Place For My Head
10. Forgotten
11. Curse For The Itch
12. Pushing Me Away

No introduction needed................this is Hybrid Theory, the debut album by Linkin Park. It has sold over 27 million copies worldwide, making it the highest selling debut album of the 21st century. It was released October 24, 2000. And a week after release, it sold 50,000 copies. A month after release, it sold over 500,000 copies and went gold. It was nominated for best hard rock album Grammy, along with" Crawling" winning the Grammy for best hard rock performance. It has been called the best nu metal / rap rock album ever, but I don't think so. But its a damn good candidate.

Track Dissection

1. Papercut- Genres- Rap Metal / Rapcore/ alt metal
A cool techno beat before rock and metal guitars/bass riffs. Then Mike raps the verse. Along with a nice groovy guitar/bass/ drums. Chester Sings the chorus, pretty harmonic and nu metal ish for sure. The bridge is somewhat soulful. Its also harmonic. This is a very underrated song.

2. One Step Closer - Genres- Nu metal / alt metal
A intro filled with jumping guitars and bass. Chester's vocals in the verses are pretty creepy but amazing. The chorus is groovy and aggressive vocals. The lyrics could be good for a bullying campaign. The bridge is famous for those simple words screamed by Chester: " SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!!!!!" its very heavy and hellacious.

3. With You - genres - Nu metal / rap metal / alt metal
a nice tecno and bass intro, its pretty heavy. Great rapping by Mike and techno beats by Joe. A heavy bass chorus and half way through it Mike joins in. Chester has a rock voice like no other in this album. Kind of a techno solo before the bridge. And a hand for Robs drumming.

4. Points of Authority - genres - Nu metal / Rap rock / alt metal
tehno intro along with mikes vocals before a beat sound of bass guitar and techno with Chester singing the verses. The chorus is pretty good. The bridge has semi aggressive rapping by Mike.

5. Crawling - Genres - alt rock / Nu metal
Cool techno intro before a semi aggressive chorus. Peaceful verses, along with techno beats are something a pop fan should love. The ending is mesmerizing.

6. Runaway - genres - Nu metal / alt metal
a nice techno beat intro before some groovy guitar and bass. Peaceful vocals and drums in the verses. Semi heavy chorus, great drumming in it. Heavy bridge, agro vocals by Chester and Mike. My favorite song on the album.

7. By Myself - genres - Nu metal / rap metal / alt metal
Aggressive guitar, bass and techno intro. Great rapping by Mike. A aggressive chorus with both Mike and Chester singing. Chester is screaming in the chorus more than singing. The bridge is mike rapping and Chester ending the sentences screaming.

8. In The End - genres- Nu metal / alt rock
mikes piano riff at the beginning is awesome. Nice techno in the background with mike rapping verses. A pure hard rock chorus. Great inspirational lyrics. A peaceful bridge, before a hard rock bridge part. This is a LP song that everyone should know. A fan favorite.

9. A Place For My Head- genres- Nu metal / Alt metal
a nice intro with bass drums and techno guitar. The rapping by mike reminds me of TheRoots( a hip hop group) heavy harmonic chorus by Chester. The bridge is probably the heaviest and most aggressive, a whispering vocals then to explode into screaming vocals. The ending is also aggressive, screaming and yelling rapping with heavy bass, guitars and techno.

10. Forgotten - genres - Nu metal / alt metal
The Chorus starts it off. Its pretty catchy and rhythmic. Verses are Mikes Rapping. Nice second part of the chorus. Its bridge is filled with yelling rapping and samples. Not a bad track.

11. Cure For The Itch- Techno/ programming / samples.
no vocals, nothing except Joe Hahns Techno skills. And boy oh boy are they good. I'm not sure why but I could see it in a Peanuts cartoon.

12. Pushing Me Away - genres- nu metal / alt metal /rock
It sounds a little bit like " In The End". Nice Keyboard, bass and guitar intro. Peaceful vocals by Chester. A Sing along type chorus. Mike's rapping could be better.

Track Scoring ( 1-5)
1. Sucky/ ok song/ pretty bad
2. Could be better / good
3. Average / pretty good / cool/ one I don't mind hearing
4. Damn great Song
5. Favorite / Pure awesomeness / turn it up and rock

1. PaperCut- score -4
2. One step Closer - score-5
3. With You - score-3
4. Points Of Authority - score-3
5. Crawling - Score -4
6. Runaway - Score - 5
7. By Myself - score -3
8. In The End - score - 5
9. A Place For My Head - score -4
10. Forgotten - score -3
11. Cure For The Itch-'score- 3
12. Pushing Me Away -score-3

Album Score ( 1-5)

4.8 is my score ( 96%)

A album I recommend for any rock n roller or metalhead's collection. This is even capable for a hip hop rapper fan or pop fan. Its something that " normal folk" could handle. Very heavy guitar and even heavier bass. And the electronic sound goes pretty well with it.
The title is true, Hybrid Theory - Hip Hop/ Rap and Rock/ Metal.

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I used to listen to In The End all the time. Such a great song. For some reason I always associated it with Spyro the Dragon. - visitor

Papercut is awesome sooong... - 05yusuf09

What about forgotten?
that's an awesome yet underrated linkin park song. - Cheese567