MusicKidMp3 : End The End by Linkin Park Review (Tribute to Chester Bennington)

Skullkid755 Last year, we lost many well liked celebrities. David Bowie, Prince, Muhammad Ali, and Carrie Fisher are just a few examples. This year seems to be the same. We've lost Adam West, Chuck Berry, Chris Cornell, and yesterday Chester Bennington. Chester Bennington committed suicide by hanging himself yesterday on July 20 2017. I'm not a big Linkin Park fan but it does make me sad knowing that he has committed suicide, because I have been seeing many YouTube and Instagram comments about his death and saying it was a tragedy. Also, he's the only music artist who died after I started to like their music (Elvis, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Freddy Mercury, etc were music artists I became fans of after their deaths). Do to this recent tragedy I decided today's post will be a tribute to Chester, and it's a review of a Linkin Park song, and I believe it's their signature song.
This is my review of In the End by Linkin Park.

The lyrics, are great. They are meaningful and emotional, and deep as well. Some of my favorite lyrics are "I got so far, and fought so hard, but in the end it doesn't even matter", "One thing I don't know why it doesn't even matter how hard you try", and "I put my trust into you, pushed as far as I could go, for all this, there's only one thing you should know". They are about trying hard and trying your best, but failing anyway, and feeling like what your attempts didn't do anything. 10/10 for lyrics

Singing, is also great. It goes between rapping and regular singing. Chester is the one doing the chorus and bridge. Both singers have great voices and pull off the emotion of the song well. Only issue is the rapping is really easy to do if you want to be a rapper it can be your first rap song. 9/10

Now for the instrumentals. The guitar is done well. I wish I could've recognized before the time I listened to it today. The piano intro is a great intro, it's pretty interesting and emotional, which is what pianos do best for negative emotions. Like the guitar though it's basic. Not saying basic is bad it's just not a pro. The other instruments are good too just less memorable. 8.5/10

That's my review. Lyrics are 10, singing is 9, and instrumentals is 8.5. By adding those and then dividing by how many there are, you get about 9. So 9/10 is my overall rating. I hope you liked this review, and Rest In Peace Chester Bennington.


I'd review Linkin Park as a tribute, but I'd give them a 5 or 6 so... - Martinglez

I would just think that they are "meh" lol - Martinglez

I'm not much of a music fan, but to see so many musicians pass away including this one is quite the tragedy. RIP Chester Bennington. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I am so shocked. Really?! It honestly makes me wonder how overrated LP can get out of this. - visitor

My tribute is coming soon. Got something special planned. - ProPanda

But "In the End, it doesn't even matter" 😂😂😂😂 - visitor

I don't listen to much of their songs but still he was a great singer. It's one the darkest days for one of the greatest rock bands. Rest In Peace Chester, you will always be with us in our hearts - Neonco31

RIP Chester Bennington - TwilightKitsune

I bet he's Given Up on life and he felt so Numb. - visitor

Not approving jokes about his suicide. - Skullkid755

Even though I still like this song, Guilty All the Same is really tough to beat as their best song to date. - visitor

RIP Bennington. The review was good by the way. If you want catchy guitar riffs, you must hear Papercut and One Step Closer although they are relatively heavier songs. - LightningBlade

He was just Breaking the Habit. - visitor

Not sure if that's a joke. But referencing Linkin Park songs is in a way respectful to them. So the comments fine. - Skullkid755

RIP Chester. The best front man ever. Why does it always have to be the good ones?

To honor Chester by the way, I am going to sing "One More Light" in honor of Chester plus a speech about him and how he was such a great musician, singer, bandmate, husband, father, and most importantly, stayed true to himself and expressed his feelings through music.

A legend was lost. RIP Chester. You will be missed. - courier28

RIP Chester.

I feel bad for him. No one should commit suicide, even if they feel like they deserve it. I feel like a better tribute would've been Easier To Run. I think it fits Chester very much. - visitor