ProPanda Analysis: One More Light Single Rollout

ProPanda July 20th. A day of infamy. It was almost close to one whole month of summer break being over. I played a really good game of tennis with my friend, watched a movie, crossed off most of my album list, and saw the music video for Talking To Myself by Linkin Park trending on Youtube. I watched it, but it was clear that it was a filler video to try to get people to buy their flop album. However, I felt especially guilty that day, because I had claimed Talking To Myself was my least favorite song on the album, when in reality, throughout the general memorability of One More Light, I had mixed it up with Sharp Edges, and I thought Sharp Edges was the good one, and this was trash. Well, after listening, I realized not only was this the song I had actually liked, it's also one of my favorite Linkin Park songs.


So anyways I went on to go scrolling through Twitter when my good buddy Matt, who happens to be a Linkin Park fan posted a link to a TMZ tweet announcing that Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band, had passed away, hoping it wasn't real. I then immediately read the whole article, and while it seemed detailed and formal, this is TMZ, the number one gossip magazine there is. There's a chance this could be fake. I thought back to when Prince died, and how they were the first to cover that too. I sent a link to my buddy wrests, and asked her for confirmation, and didn't get a reply. Someone else on my feed retweeted Mike Shinoda's confirmation that was true, and I got 5 news notifications on my phone, and I sent em to my irl friends, one of whom texted me one minute before this asking for confirmation. So it was true. The emo who did that emo band and saved so many children, loved so many children, had so many children had taken his own life, and left everything behind. And really, considering the hate they get, and the reviews for that last album... can't say I'm surprised. Shocked, saddened, sure. But not surprised.

Well, the tributes begun. All of their albums were somewhere in the iTunes top20, Heavy, In The End and Numb all re entered Billboard the following week, and Talking To Myself, the video (which featured lots of Bennington) released horus before the announcement immediately hit #1 on trending and stayed there for three days.

A month later, it was announced the next single from One More Light would be the titular track. A lyric video in tribute, as well as a fan video have been released, while a radio push may be announced.

So that's why I'm here.

I honestly think they should have pushed Talking To Myself first. Here's why:

A. It's much more pop friendly. I don't know about you, but if my bandmate killed himself, I'd make my next single a charity single in his honor. And if I'm doing a charity, I'll try to make as much money as possible. And this song is so much more accessible, with the melodic prechorus, the anthemic beat, and powerful vocals. One More Light is kinda dry.... you'd never catch the cool kids listening to it.

B. It had a push from the video. With proper discounts, and rolls of streams piling in, this could've resulted in one of the highest profits ever, resulting in a smash hit.

C. It has a meaning behind it that really affected Chester. This song is told from his wife's perspective, telling Chester not to leave her. This shows family connection and a song that obviously meant so much to Chester and how much he loved his wife.

D. The first three reasons contributing to gaining critical, commercial, and fan endorsed smash, will also allow a song like One More Light to be accepted by the fanbase. Chester always wanted to be heard, and with TTM putting them back into everyone's heart, that would happen. This song also meant a lot to Chester, and it would be a good tribute.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts, but if feel differently, let me know. I'm not trying to control this guy, I thought it would just be interesting to play music executive for a day. RIP Chester, and I hope y'all liked this post.


Probably my favorite post by you. 10/10. - Skullkid755

"Sharp Edges" is the cringy one bro...

Also yeah, "Talking to Myself" is probably the most praised track on the album. - DCfnaf

One More Light though - ProPanda

Nah, Good Goodbye was the one that's cringey - visitor

:( I liked that one - ProPanda

Never mind. Good goodbye was good - visitor