In the End


Old Linkin Park for the win! Love this song, it's one of those that made Linkin Park famous

I was there somewhere deep in the darkness.wanted to take my
Vengence from the one who killed my family.i tried my best to find him but I was unable to find him anywhere.i was going to give up.i do not listen song but after hearing this song I understood the meaning of those words.then I tried so hard and got so far to "him" the one who took away every thing from me."in the end" I took my revenge".now I am alone in the darkness again because there is no one waiting for me.but there is my family waiting for me in the I continue my journey to where there is my destiny.

Its a pretty awesome song, Like I can't believe this is not #1, it has one of the best Chorus!, it should be song of the Decade, they did a pretty good job of the early 2000's, and yet the album is Pretty a good album, with all the other songs, but THIS song is the BEST, the lyrics make so much sense, (if your living a cold life), Good job Linkin Park, Your Fans are proud if you! - SmoothCriminal

This song made me start liking rock. If I never head this song I would never like Linkin Park. If I had the money I would go to ever caster. Hybrid is the best band over all Linkin's Park bands all. You good fan in all the Linkin Park history. If you can go to Michigan and play, you will rock the world or state. I know Linkin Park may not see this but he is the best! "In the End" best song in the world.

In the end is what could only be described as an absolute musical masterpiece. The beautiful piano, the only example of good rap in history, and chester's amazing voice all combine into this song. Everything that's great about Linkin Park is in this song, tenfold. I grew up listening to this song, and even today, its still my favorite song in the history of ever

Numb is second... This is one of the top 10 songs ever made. Hands down. Mike Shinoda could've become one of the greatest rappers ever if he went solo. Chester is the voice of our generation. Almost everyone born from 1990 to present has heard this song. Last big rock band in the music industry.

Why this song is on NO.2. I know NUMB is a perfect song but the music of this song is fantastic and lyrics are so fabulous. This is not fair to keep this song on 2. I request Linkin Park to take this song at top of the table. This song has every quality to be on 1st SO please take this on 1... It's a request from your number 1 FAN

This song is just perfect, it has the perfect lyrics, the perfect combination of Rock and Rap, I mean I haven't meet anybody that has ever disliked this song, and in my opinion they will never be somebody that will be dislike this song because this is just simply a master piece, and this song will live for ever

This is by far my favorite Linkin Park song. While I enjoy most of what they've done, nothing else ever compared to this in my opinion. It's a beautiful balance that highlights what Linkin Park is, and the lyrics contain true meaning, which is something that seems to missing in much of the "popular" music today.

This is defo no 1. My list is:

In The End
What I've Done
Somewhere I Belong
One Step Closer
Don't Stay
New Divide
Given Up

(I know that's 11 but they're all so decent - been listening to LP since I was 5 - lol!) - Stevy

This song is probably the most realistic song ever. I cannot stop replaying the song when I hear it because it's THAT good. Just listen to the song and you will learn the truth about everything you have done in the past. The Beetles and Rolling Stones might be ranked ahead at the start. But in the end, ITS Linkin Park!

I have no idea how Numb became in number 1 (it should have been in no 2 or maybe 3) but anyway, I believe In The End is the best. This song had everything in it. The sorrows and pain and the emotions were all poured in the song. What more could be asked? I believe this deserves the number 1 spot everywhere. Best song of all time.

It has a great meaning and is catchy and easy for me to remember the lyrics enough to where they stick in my head lol. It was a really hard choice though, between "What I've Done" or "In the End" they are both really good! Linkin Park is awesome!

In The End is such a great and meaningful song; Chester's voice and the song, they are all harmonic. Also Chester has a great voice which he shouldn't waste it. He had better not drink alcohol, drink fizzy drinks and drink energy drinks!

The best song ever heard... I can hear it 24/7 the lyrics are amazing and the music is awesome. I have been hearing it since 2007 and never got bored of it. No song can compete this song probably has got the best chorus too! And the list can go on & on...

I think this should be on 1 st place...
I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning... This song is old but cool... Best Linkin Park song you should vote it... I wish they made all their songs like this really cool one... This is my favorite LP song, the instrumental and the vocals are at Linkin Park's best... The best song by Linkin Park
Maybe someday it would beat numb too

In my opinion this is their best song by FAR. My best friend and I listen to this in the car all the time. He knows EVERY WORD and it makes us cry because the song reminds us of our childhood. His older brother whos currently in college, this was his favorite song and we play it constantly as tribute. Tears come to our eyes when, "It starts with ONE THING, I don't know why, it doesn't even matter how hard ya try". We jam all the time to it!

This song was like my first Linkin Park songs... This is what actually got me to love linkin park... Hats off to this song... I know in the end it doesn't even matter what I write... But then... I know I've made a difference

Most legendary Linkin Park song and the haunting piano riff and Mike Shinoda's brilliant rapping made this Linkin Park's most memorable song even thought it was One Step Closer that brought the Nu-Metal sound to the popular fans. In The End should be number 1 and One Step Closer should be Number 4.

I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning. My next favorite song would be "Numb" but this is the one I have listened to since it came out and will always be my favorite. I love Linkin Park so much

This is a really good song. Its about how you do so much and get so far, but when it all comes down to it, its all for nothing. The song is about how you can do so much for nothing. I can apply this song to many of the things in my life.

Their greatest single... EVER. And what more can I say then it's straight off of their greatest album... EVER. For me, this was the song that got me into LP in the first place and I refer back to it on a regular basis. If you want the very best of LP, look no further than this very song.

I've been listening to LInkin Park since I was about 3 years old and this is my favorite song of all time. A Light That Never Comes and Castle Of Glass tying in close second. My mom is a huge fan of these guys as well. That is how I first discovered them.

Love this song!
The lyrics, the music, the tone, everything is just perfect!
Wonder why this isn't on 1st place.
It deserve to be!
Well, its a beautiful and awesome song!
Love it and Love LINKIN PARK!

It is a Beautiful Song,... There is Worlds Best Rapping in this Song by Mike Shinoda... This was my first song that I heard on my Friend's Mobile... And I became a fan of this song like love at first site... Linkin Park are the Best in the World... But we want Linkin Park to come to India...