Lost in the Echo


VOTE FOR IT! If you have not heard it listen to it NOW! Its the first song of Linkin Park's Living Things, and also the best! Mike Shidona, you rock!

Mikes Rap reminds me of hybird theory
chesters scream and singing reminds me of lying from you

I kinda wish there was one song from living things and the hunting party that was in the top ten, they weren't bad albums at all.

Great song lyrics just awake the soul

Incredible song! To me it is without a doubt the best song on living things and to me probably their best song since a thousand suns. I know so many people don't like the new Linkin Park but if you people would stop and listen these songs aren't so different from their old songs there is just less screaming

This Is A Wonderful Song By Linkin Park... This Reminds Me Hybrid Theory.. It Is A genius Intro By Mr. Hahn, Beatiful Rap By Mike Shinoda, Amazing Chorus And Perfect Screaming By Chester... Linkin Park Is Back To Game After Many Years I'm Sure That Living Things Is Gonna Rock The World With AmazingSongs.. - DiegoMartin

Linkin Park is coming back. I think this album is a mixture of all previous styles. I like there new style. Personally I like the LP rap songs more because it's a mixture of rap n rock!. Just like Mike said in Step Up. This one particularly has 3 excellent rap parts so it has to be m favorite!

Lost in The echo should be in top 5... For its fantastic lyrics, breathtaking music and magnificent composition... It's a type of song I am not tired of listening again and again.. And I will continue to vote for it... :-) its just that amazing

This song gives the certification that Linkin Park is returning to the old "Metal Linkin Park". The sound which gave them their name. The song is simply awesome. This song should be at least in top 10. - Chopra

I think this is the best song that they have made of all times. Perfect lyrics and perfect perfomance from shinoda and we can say that Linkin Park has returned again

From My opinion, my top tens are:-
1. Numb (Can't be changed)
2. In the end (Can't be changed)
4. Burn it Down
5. A Light that never Comes
6. Castle of Glass
7. Breaking the Habit
8. New Divide
9. What I've done
10. Waiting for the End

This song is Linkin Park at its best. The first song from the album Living Things, this song is Mike Shinoda's rap and Chester's high voice at it level best. Listen to it, Love it, Vote for it.

Same as Castle of Class, it's emotional, it's epic, you will want to force it upon your friends, enough said.

Godly riffs, brilliant rap by shinoda and the chorus of course is insane. This song marks the comeback of Linkin Park and needs to be in the top 10 for sure. Also lying from you needs to come up as well.

The perfect container of all LP has to offer... Mike's amazing rapping, awesome chorus, perfect blend of techno/traditional instrumentals, good lyrics, and of course Chester's screaming.

Must be in the top 10. This song gives me chill every time, I love it so much... Their voices, the music, the clip, everything is... perfect. Just perfect. Let's reach the top 10, little song, you deserve it

I love Lost in the Echo! Saw them live last night and this was probably the best performance in my opinion! Songs like numb and in the end are better but still this deserves to be way higher than 15!

This Song is Perfection, Every single part of it, from the awesome intro to Chester's amazing vocals, and finally Mike's rap, Its just awesome, and every time I hear this song, I get LOST in it.

This Is a Must Listen song!... So powerful ; so Fresh! LP Makes real unique songs! Rock it!

Not only is this my favorite Linkin Park song, it's my favorite song of all time. It's a type of good that not even words can describe. - rexmar0207

This Song is the best song from Living Things, the only thing I don't like about the album is that this is the only song that is closer to there old songs and the rest are not as much.

I'd have voted for Numb but it kinda pains me to see such an EPIC song down here! This is the song which can hook even non-rock people to LP. THE BEST!

Like most linkin park fans, I believe the songs speak to me. This is just one song where that comment comes into play. Crazy awesome beat and vocals gotta love it.

Great song by lp... They r back with a bang... This song reminds me of IN THE END where mikes rapping and chaz great voice were rightly balanced... Long live lp. Your th best...

Should at least be above burn it down... Goes from an almost dubstep feel at one point straight to the heavy guitars we al know and love. Linkin Park is back.