It's an amazing song with great variations in tune. It's a song you must listen to at least once in your lifetime. If you listen to it once you wont's stop listening to it again.

Its awesome... Especially the lyrics!
I like the video, the music, just everything about it!
Just can't stop listening to it! It tells about teenagers life in reality too! And that makes it doubly awesome!

You are exhausted, frustrated and thinking that you are the only one... Just listen this song... It will take you to the another level... Whenever I listen this song... It just melt my heart... The lyrics is too much brilliant... Linkin Park has delivered a great music by singing this song... Love you guys...

I will not lie... I believe that making this list is a HORRIBLE idea. Choosing just ONE best Linkin Park song? Impossible. I love all the ones on this list with a fiery passion. But I can say this about Numb that I can only say about one other song on this list: Numb made me get my act together in high school. It gave me the inspiration to push my limits and to break free from my faults even if I may end up losing it all in the end. And for that, I am thankful, Linkin Park. Your music has motivated me, and Numb was the first song to do so.

The first and the only Linkin Park song I've ever heard. This song is so perfect that I didn't feel the need to listen to another Linkin Park song to judge their talent!

Its the best LP song till date... Hardly any song can even stand up to compete, well, may be none except New Divide. But one reason this song deserves what it has got is that it really signifies reality... It also happens to speak out my story, or rather I would say everyone's story... How we have to stand up to everyone's expectations at the cost of burying deep in dead our own heart, doing what others want and ending up losing ourselves. And becoming Numb after failing to please those around us. Perfect music, flawless lyrics and Chester's amazing voice sum up to make this song one of best songs of all time. Just the song for any moment!

I won't be partial, I'm huge huge fan of LP music. I love every single sound they make because they are Awesome. They are God of this genre. But "NumB" is best creation of The Linkin Park. Song is so so realistic and reliable to any pressed hard person. Co-ordination, arrangement, culture, magical words, Angel Voice, Epic effort... I can write full day about them and this Track... (you know that)

Numb is an all favourite of mine, no doubt. But if you are more open minded, there are many other great Linkin Park songs you haven't even heard yet. Most people go for the most famous ones, but try listening to Shadow of the Day, Roads Untraveled, Papercut, One Step Closer, Figure.09 and others... try listening to the songs which are more versatile in nature. Minutes to Midnight nails it.

This song helps me through a lot in my life. It describes how I'm feeling, what I'm going through, what's happening to me. It just gives me hope and helps me carry on. It's simply the best and most inspirational song ever. Deep lyrics with amazing vocals, outstanding music, and an important message which anyone can relate to. This deserves to be not only Linkin Park's best song, but the all-time best song in history.

Numb is my first favourite song ever and it has been my number one since then and will always be! I fell in love with it the day I heard it and because of this song I listened to almost all of Linkin Park's songs. Whenever I listen to it, I feel at home, like I'm with some long lost friend but who at the same time is my best friend. I love numb!

Numb gets 1000+/100 stars.

In the End gets 1000+/100 stars.

New Divide gets 1000+/100 stars.

What I've Done gets 1000+/100 stars.

Breaking the Habit gets 1000+/100 stars.

Faint gets 100+/100 stars.

Waiting for the End gets 100+/100 stars.

Somewhere I Belong gets 100+/100 stars.

Papercut gets 100+/100 stars.

Leave Out All the Rest gets 100+/100 stars.

NUMB is the best of Linkin Park. No matter what song it is it just can't beat numb, it just can't. The first time I heard it I got crazy after it. Every next morning I would find my self listening it a and singing 4 to 5 times. And most important of all Linkin Park rules!.

Have to say the best song from
Linkin Park

Just I love this song!
My best band
And always will be Linkin Park are Immortals and always will be I just freaking love Linkin Park
Linkin Park forever! @!

I love all the members of Linkin Park All of them are awesome! Cool and funny too

Linkin Park is my favorite band. They made so many beautiful songs. So, it was very hard to choose the best one but I do agree. 'Numb' is true classic with very emotional lyrics. And the video was great
'Numb' rules - Magnolia

I have only just been exposed to the music of Linkin Park by some of my friends, but they have already become my favorite band, and this is definitely my favorite song by them. "Numb" is an absolutely amazing song, and it's really special to me because it introduced me to my favorite band. I absolutely LOVE this song. It's probably their best song.

If you hate on this powerful song, you die.

I love almost every Linkin Park song ever recorded, so this is an extremely difficult pick. But "Numb" is a true classic and masterpiece. The vocals are done amazingly and the lyrics are indescribable. Epic guitar riff and great drum beats. This is possibly my favorite song of all time. - Mr_Awesome

The rocky melancholy of this song literally gets me to skin in its depth and its lyrics are just so attaching with life where the parents momentous checklist are like shackles for mass offspring like me... This song recalls me of myself, my vulnerable self...

This is a strong music video, it really captures the miserable view of someone who's unpopular and does not have someone for support. Yes I know that the song "Numb" is the most recognizable song from them and I agree with every other fans that this is really their masterpiece song.

The kind of spaced out beat, helps me let go and just tune in. when the lyrics comes, its amazing, the song has so much great meaning. its a song everybody seems to know, almost regardless of their musical preferences, play the song and people will start singing. its great, its amazing.

Its Not Easy to Rate Linkin Park's Every song they are just so Brilliant, I Things But some are underrated like Easy to Run, Points Of Authority, Hit the Floor, etc I thigh its not easy to vote but Numb is a great Song A Listener can fell the Message of Song... It a Thumbs up from me.

This is a song about livibg your own life instead of someone living it for you. In the song, the person deals with a lot of anger and has numbed themselves from the world. The person is tired of being who the other person wants them to be and just wants them to be themselves. Here's my favorite part of the song:
And I know
I may end up failing too,
But I know
You were just like me with someone disappointed in you

This song is legendary. Me and my friend sing it as walk down the corridor at school. I'm addicted to Linkin Park but my friend and I like Chester the most. All of their songs are outstanding. You should listen to 'Lost in the Echo' the legendary screaming is in that song as well

I love all of LP's songs. I had this particular video on youtube I would watch JUST to listen to this song, then it got deleted and so for about 12 hours, because I HAD to make sure that it was the right song, I searched. All of Linkin Parks songs are brilliant, but this takes the cake

This has been my favourite song of all times. Every word, the beat, the rhythm, the music, everything about this song makes me love it. Numb also has been a great support to me in troubling times; it very rightly deserves to be rated topmost. Long live Numb and long live LP!