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181 Yo
182 Skin to Bone

It should be in top 20 -_-

Linkin Park have all the songs awesome even though this change in music felt very good... Skin to bone is really a very nice song and a music which can make a listener addict of it... Castle of glass and in my remains should also go up in this list

Seriously? Definitely a top 30 song

They are surely gonna win the asian hearts and of europeans too because what they have changed in their music is almost very familiar to the music of these places... Linkin park are the rulers no doubt their previous albums thousand suns was also very nice no matter it wasn't much liked but it's more better for me now

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183 Tinfoil
184 No Laundry
185 Never Back Down
186 Asbestos
187 A.06
188 Complimentary
189 Space Station
190 Pepper

Awesome song from the meteora demp

191 Izzo / In the End
192 Now I See
193 Announcement Service Public
194 Coal

Sounds pretty cool. Its by the old Linkin Park XERO

195 Drum Song
196 Bunker
197 Sad
198 26 Lettaz In Da Alphabet
199 Unwanted Truth
200 Pushed Aside
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