Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

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201 I Just Want Your Company
202 Ambient
203 L.O.A.T.R.
204 A-Six
205 Apaches
206 Basquiat
207 Clarity
208 Cumulus
209 Foot Patrol
210 Halo

This Is The Best Instrumental Ever Produced!
It Should Be Higher!

Nah! This Song Can't Be Rated So Low, It Is Linkin Park's BEST Song Ever Made! If I Had A Wish, It Would Be For Everybody That NEVER Voted Or Commented On The Other Songs To Vote And Comment On This Song! Like YOU People Never Heard The Name "BULLMAN SEEGOBIN" Before!? AND THOSE THAT VOTED AND COMMENTED ON THE OTHER SONGS ARE VERY STUPID! FOR REAL!

THIS Is The Best Linkin Park Song Ever Made!
If ANYBODY Says Why, Just Say That BULLMAN SEEGOBIN Said So! Did I Say LANI?

211 Hemispheres
212 Holding Company
213 Lockjaw
214 Pretty Birdy
215 The Cure
216 Universe
217 Three Band Terror
218 Unfortunate
219 Da Bloos
220 Forget
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