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201 Luna
202 Warm Spell
203 White Noise

That Alternative Metal/Industrial Rock sound showed that LP aren't going soft again. I have no hate for soft music but its good too see that stand by what they say. Also shows the NIN influence over them

This is their best production since hybrid theory

204 You Become a Part of Me
205 Let Down

It's not by Linkin Park but it's by chester.. Its actually a pretty good song by dead by sunrise

I know its not lp but... it's a beautifull song. One of the bests of death by sunrise

206 Darker Than Blood
207 Rolling in the Deep

Best cover EVER! Literally so good it should be so much higher than this, obviously it's not an original song so it definitely shouldn't be higher than Numb and some other songs but it at least deserves to be in the top 20

It's a great song, even better with chester singing

I like this song in general, but Chester's voice is so amazing on this song! This isn't an easy song to sing, but Chester pulled it off beautifully!


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208 Foreword

It's not even a song. It only goes for 12 seconds

This is just a waste of linkin park

209 Jornada del Muerto V 1 Comment
210 The Radiance
211 Empty Spaces

How is that even on this list

212 A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience
213 War

The best song of hunting party. Has a great punk taste of music. The guitar work is awesome. So give it a try.

Amazing song, should be higher.

What a song! Linkin Park at their fiercest

, why is this song so low?! This is probably one of the best songs from the hunting party! I was expecting it in the top 60s below guilty all the same and rebellion, and 213 place! Inexplicable. Do listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

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214 Fallout
215 Karma Killer
216 State of the Art
217 The Summoning
218 Drawbar

My favorite song ever, just listen to the music makes me tear up even without singing

Dude! This is the best instrumental song ever by Linkin Park personally...

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219 Cure for the Itch V 2 Comments
220 Victimized

Victimized is Linkin Park's best song yet, it's the most hardest LP song and Chester screams really cool on this song. It's perfect. This deserves to be higher.

I think Victimized is their best song, but maybe its too short to be a top 10... But common, 215? It deserve at least a top 25

This list is stupid. They shouldn't allow anyone to add something cause half of these songs aren't even songs. Page two is just crap. a lot of good songs are on this page. The list should just add just the real songs instead of anyone adding random stuff.

217? WHY?

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