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61 Lies Greed Misery

Lies Greed Misery is very innovative song...
It is one step ahead from Burn it Down.

Amazing song from the new album...
Hope their new album have more such songs...
LP RULES - abby221

This Song Is So Awesome That I Spent A Month Listening To It. Must Be Higher! Please Listen To It And Vote! This Song Is So Addicting. I Love The Lyrics.

I Wanna See You Choke on Your Lies, Swallowed By Your Greed, Suffering Alone In Your Misery!

Come on! 64?! This is such a fun song! Love it so much!
Makes me wanna dance whenever I hear it!
Vote this up guys!

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62 Not Alone

Damn, how could this song be down here! I was searching it in the top 20's and here it is! This song is so good, it deserves at least top 20. Guys vote for this song! :D

This is an awesome songs I think this should be in top 20
This song has a very deep meaning
The most important thing is that chester's voice seems to be very melodious in it.
It is one of the slow song sung by Linkin Park

THIS SONG'S JUST GREAT! I mean just take in the 'Haiti' sense, though maybe its late ----DOESN'T MEAN IT SHOULD BE HERE AT! 44! Its ridiculous!

Such a nice song, it is definitely underrated - mnk

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63 Across the Line

This song is so underrated. It always reminds me of the good days of breaking the habit, its like the replica of breaking the habit but more aggressive

Why man? It should be in top 10

What the! Such a good song and here at 64!
Just listen to it once, people and you'll realise that this song is just so awesome, the lyrics are just so... Let it be, you need to listen to it at least once.

So underrated, this song is so good!

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64 Talking to Myself

I love this song, it's so meaningful, I don't know why people hate on the new songs, they're just a different type of feeling, but it's a great as the other songs

Cried while listening to this song. Absolutely heartbroken. RIP CHESTER

Respect this song if you are terribly sad about his death...

A deep idea for a song. - bugger

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65 Robot Boy

This is an epic song.. Chester's voice as always pours out the magical lyrics of the song.. Awesome lyrics... Great music... Simply the best

One of those songs which you don't really actively seek out, but when you listen to it you realize how awesome it is.

Miracles vice with number one epic in the world I every lesson this at morning song this robot boy it like rise think by other in you, it take high
and high so please my request is robot boy take in top ten list

Excellent piano piece

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66 What We Don't Know

The most unapriciate song ever just listed it it's fantastic
Believe it's very goodd

A song from their underground album and very beautiful and epic one. Hardly some one knows it. Unrated but very cool.

Too bad that many hardly know this great song, its one of the best songs to sing along.

Probably the best emotional song by LP

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67 Final Masquerade

Such an amazing song! One of the best songs of linkin park and should reach at least top 10 soon

What a song! It makes me feel happy! Chazz you got a very nice voice!

I see this song moving up pretty far in the charts, just give it time! Too amazing to ignore, raw with emotion!

It's such a amazing song!

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68 Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer

Points of Authority is the first song I know from Linkin Park from Cartoon Network.This should be in top ten.Awesome music video.

69 In Between

The best song in the world!

This song is so awesome can't believe its not at least in the top 30 it shows the more calm side of Linkin Park it shows its one of their more deep songs.

I actually don't care that it's like "not cool", but it's really not! This is like one of the most beautiful song by Linkin Park. It shouldn't be on the first place, but IT SHOULD BE AT LEAST ON the 40th place! - kirillyanukovich

No no no noo! Very bad list! How can this so special song be here?

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70 By_Myslf

No, this is better than most songs that are higher on this list!

Definitely one of the best in Reanimation. Why so low? 73rd? No one likes old Linkin apark anymore...

It's on here twice...

REALLY?!?! This low!... the new fans of Linkin Park suck, only liking their new rap. It's still good, but their old heavy stuff is great.

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71 Pts. Of. Athrty

Number 4 in my list, better than most songs in the top 10.

This song is highly energetic! It definitely does not deserve to be at this position.. Lp has given everything in this song.. The lyrics is awesome!

This is easily the best.

72 The Untitled

The Rap is full of rage, if you mix the rap (4rm The Untitled) with the Reff of 'In The End', YOU WILL GET THE BEST FROM IN THE END

73 1stp Klosr

You will love this song. Just like Krwlng, the lyrics are all separated in to like, 6 minutes worth of music. You will love it, and garenteed, you won't regret listening to it

"Shut Up (Blood Is Pouring)! "

74 Enth E ND

Wonderful song, remix of in the end - hyuganejix

Very good remix of the original "in the end" song

Bottom of the list?
It certainly equals the original in the end
Though not better than the original

' it certainly equals 'in the end', though not better'? You crazy!

Lyrically Enth E Nd is not as good as the original, but in means of catchiness and the groove ya get, Enth E Nd prevails!

75 And One

Linkin Park old school!

May not be released but the best song in my opinion

76 Keys to the Kingdom

I am really glad I didn't give up on Linkin Park, even if I wanted to. I hated A Thousand Suns and Living Things but The Hunting Party was just what I wanted it to be. And Keys to the Kingdom was Linkin Park's way to tell their fans: "We're back! ". Hopefully they will do more albums like that one because it was total dope, especially Keys.

The Hunting Party is amazing, Chester your screams are insane, I love every song on the album

Just like faint! I mean its just rocking when you reach the climax of the song! JUST love IT!

I love the first verse. Best lyrics ever!

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77 All for Nothing

Awesome song ever heard with catchup lyrics. It makes me wow with hip hop dance. The song amazes up with lot of meanings. The lyrics are awesome. If you could just hear you will never regret

Its not the best of the Hunting Party, but hey can anyone deny that this song sounds like Hybrid Theory? This song is awesome!

Did you listen to mike's rapping in there! Also page Hamilton fits in perfectly

0%. duh.

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78 My
79 Carousel

It's an interesting song, the music itself is catchy. The lyrics though, they address an important issue. Especially for those in the music industry who, save the urban lower class and police, encounter that issue the most.

The above comment is a generalization which does not always apply, I know, blah blah blah political correctness insert here.

WHY IS THIS SO LOW IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! I liked it from the first time I heard it! The lyrics give me chills, but they're so so amazing, the choruses are great too, this song is one of my favorites!

WHAT. This song is the only one that makes me cry! It's scary because it's about running away from yourself! What's not to like? It's so realistic!

This song is really... really... good. Like it needs to be way higher.

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80 Victimized

Victimized is Linkin Park's best song yet, it's the most hardest LP song and Chester screams really cool on this song. It's perfect. This deserves to be higher.

I think Victimized is their best song, but maybe its too short to be a top 10... But common, 215? It deserve at least a top 25

This list is stupid. They shouldn't allow anyone to add something cause half of these songs aren't even songs. Page two is just crap. a lot of good songs are on this page. The list should just add just the real songs instead of anyone adding random stuff.

217? WHY?

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