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101 Kyur4 TH Ich

Wow! This song is 98? Listen to Hybrid Theory- Cure for the Itch! This song is their best!

The original is THOUSAND TIMES better.

102 Opening
103 Reading My Eyes
104 It's Goin Down

Very too much nice

Very nice


105 Sharp Edges

Out of the Box from Linkin Park. This is not something they have done before. But we gotta appreciate them for their work. Anyway it's way better than some of the pop songs by some leading pop artists. But can't compare with the legendary Linkin Park songs.

One of the best songs with best lyrics!

An amazing song from their latest album. So much fun to listen to. - rishal21

Appreciate LP for their courage. Great song

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106 Wisdom, Justice, and Love

How can this song be 95th. It should be in top 20.

The message of this song is just, perfect.

How can this be 96th? It should be in top 50

107 Frgt/10
108 [email protected]

Please someone explain why this is at 105 it is so much better than the original

109 H! Vltg3
110 Chali
111 Riff Raff
112 NTR/Mssion

Why it is here?

113 Wake
114 Technique (Short)
115 I Have Not Begun
116 Wonderful
117 Fear

Fear should be higher up in the list! It's actually the 'leave out all the rest' demo, but the lyrics touched me more then the original, I think this is the best song of Linkin Park, although this is just a demo. It should be higher up in the list.

118 Garage Days: Unleashed
119 Super Xero

This is quite better than By Myself... Shouldn't be on this place.

120 So Far Away

Pumps me up like only old LP can

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