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101 Wisdom, Justice, and Love Wisdom, Justice, and Love

How can this song be 95th. It should be in top 20.

The message of this song is just, perfect.

How can this be 96th? It should be in top 50

102 Plc. 4 Mie Haed Plc. 4 Mie Haed

One of the best song I've ever heard of Linkin Park should be at least 50

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103 Frgt/10 Frgt/10
104 [email protected] Rnw@y

Please someone explain why this is at 105 it is so much better than the original

105 H! Vltg3 H! Vltg3
106 Chali Chali
107 Riff Raff Riff Raff
108 Ntr/Mssion Ntr/Mssion V 1 Comment
109 Wake Wake
110 Technique (Short)
111 I Have Not Begun
112 Wonderful
113 Fear

Fear should be higher up in the list! It's actually the 'leave out all the rest' demo, but the lyrics touched me more then the original, I think this is the best song of Linkin Park, although this is just a demo. It should be higher up in the list.

114 Garage Days: Unleashed
115 Rhinestone

I'm impressed the sound qualities was bad but that didn't matter people really should listen to it more and it deserves to be at least in the 70s

This is just like forgotten but the older version it should at least switch places with foreword

They say you can't beat the classic's and this is just like forgotten so this should be higher then forgotten.

116 Super Xero

This is quite better than By Myself... Shouldn't be on this place.

117 So Far Away V 1 Comment
118 Debris

Do not underestimate this song. Although its short on a few verses, the meaning makes up for it.

Even though they didn't finish the song it is one of their best

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119 Hardly Breathe

Really Nice Song! It has to be in the Top 20

Should be in the top 80s

120 It Goes Through
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