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121 Rhinestone

I'm impressed the sound qualities was bad but that didn't matter people really should listen to it more and it deserves to be at least in the 70s

They say you can't beat the classic's and this is just like forgotten so this should be higher then forgotten.

This is just like forgotten but the older version it should at least switch places with foreword

122 NTR/Mssion

Why it is here?

123 Wake
124 Wonderful
125 Fear

Fear should be higher up in the list! It's actually the 'leave out all the rest' demo, but the lyrics touched me more then the original, I think this is the best song of Linkin Park, although this is just a demo. It should be higher up in the list.

126 Super Xero

This is quite better than By Myself... Shouldn't be on this place.

127 Ammosick

Hello to anyone who could be bothered to scroll down this far!

128 Broken Glass
129 In Time
130 Afraid This Time
131 Standing In the Middle
132 System

The most underrated song song from linkin park! The song ist genius!

133 Underground
134 Vertical Limit
135 Slip

YouTube this song immediately if you're unfamiliar with it. 1998 demo. Awesome rap with a grunge refrain and a positive message.

136 Program
137 Enjoy the Silence
138 Omen

Where the hell is this song? Its one of the most adrenaline pumping songs ever

139 Ominous
140 Homecoming

Just a demo... But what a good demo! wonder how would it sound with vocals

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