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141 Omen

Where the hell is this song? Its one of the most adrenaline pumping songs ever

142 Ominous
143 Homecoming

Just a demo... But what a good demo! wonder how would it sound with vocals

144 Sabotage
145 Drawing
146 Bubbles
147 Buy Myself

I love this remix and how marilyn manson gave it a darker tone compared to the original, but come on, it should at least be above 125

148 Dust Brothers
149 Primo

This is just... amazing. Not only their best demo but their best song. Shame it wasn't released.

150 The Cure for Mr. Hahns Itch
151 Pale

What? 195th? Guys this song is just brilliant!

152 White Noise

That Alternative Metal/Industrial Rock sound showed that LP aren't going soft again. I have no hate for soft music but its good too see that stand by what they say. Also shows the NIN influence over them

This is their best production since hybrid theory

153 Carousel

It's an interesting song, the music itself is catchy. The lyrics though, they address an important issue. Especially for those in the music industry who, save the urban lower class and police, encounter that issue the most.

The above comment is a generalization which does not always apply, I know, blah blah blah political correctness insert here.

WHY IS THIS SO LOW IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! I liked it from the first time I heard it! The lyrics give me chills, but they're so so amazing, the choruses are great too, this song is one of my favorites!

WHAT. This song is the only one that makes me cry! It's scary because it's about running away from yourself! What's not to like? It's so realistic!

This song is really... really... good. Like it needs to be way higher.

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154 Foreword

This is just a waste of linkin park

It's not even a song. It only goes for 12 seconds

155 Jornada del Muerto

This is heavenly music!

156 The Radiance
157 Fallout
158 Empty Spaces

How is that even on this list

159 Stef

Literally I'm so disappointed in this list. Some fans have no taste in music (Mark the Graves is somehow BELOW Empty Spaces and Foreword) and there's no Recharged on this list (with the exception of A Light That Never Comes)

Heh if you're reading this you should know that this list gets screwed up around page 2

The best out there. I can't believe this isn't number one. The lyrics are phenominal and inspiring.

160 We Made It

Most underrated, but the best song!

I seriously don't know what this song is doing way down here. If its that bad, it should be in at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome music at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome

The only reason for this song being here... So down... Low... Is that people hardly know about this song.. Trust me its awesome

We Made It is my favorite LP song it's only low because it's not technically a Linkin Park song, but it was released by Busta Rhymes

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