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161 We Made It

Most underrated, but the best song!

I seriously don't know what this song is doing way down here. If its that bad, it should be in at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome music at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome

The only reason for this song being here... So down... Low... Is that people hardly know about this song.. Trust me its awesome

We Made It is my favorite LP song it's only low because it's not technically a Linkin Park song, but it was released by Busta Rhymes

162 Starting to Fly
163 One Perfect Something
164 Pretend to Be

Well all of you first listen to this song
Such a damn good song should easily be in top 5

What the Hell?! Pretend To Be is beautiful! It deserves to be much higher up than this! It's songs like Pretend To Be, What We Don't Know, and Reading My Eyes that need to be more well known!

This is totally a great song. I absolutely love it. This is one of my favorite songs. And I know how it sucks that it is not on Google Play Store. But I downloaded on music downloader and I get to keep my song on my device. Best song ever. And it is beautiful. What the heck? Pretend To Be is so perfect for me to listen to it everyday and night. And I can't help myself. And I got it stuck in my head. Best song ever. I still love you LINKIN PARK! You are the best. That I ever had before in my life. 100 A+

This song deserves top spot... Great one!

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165 Rolling in the Deep

Best cover EVER! Literally so good it should be so much higher than this, obviously it's not an original song so it definitely shouldn't be higher than Numb and some other songs but it at least deserves to be in the top 20

It's a great song, even better with chester singing

I like this song in general, but Chester's voice is so amazing on this song! This isn't an easy song to sing, but Chester pulled it off beautifully!

Worth a listen great cover

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166 Secret
167 Sold My Soul to Yo Mama
168 Karma Killer
169 State of the Art
170 Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2
171 Home Sweet Home
172 Morning After

This isn't a Linkin Park song its by dead by sunrise

173 Riders On the Storm
174 Head Like a Hole
175 Fuse

It's alright but I wouldn't say the best song ever

176 Esaul
177 Blue

I'd be blue being this low too

This diserves to be way higher.. People need to vote, its actually a pretty good song.

178 Oh No
179 Hunger Strike
180 Bang Three
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