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1 Never Judge a Hyena By It's Spots Never Judge a Hyena By It's Spots
2 Lions Of The Outlands Lions Of The Outlands

I love this episode SO much. - AwesomeJawson

Worst episode ever I hate it so so mutch

I was hoping they would bring Zira and her family into the Lion Guard. - Fuli201

3 Baboons! Baboons!

I don't know why I like this episode lol - AwesomeJawson

I like all the sciences beside the ones with vultures

4 Fuli's New Family Fuli's New Family

Not my favorite, but a great episode - Fuli201

Fuli's new family was awesome. It's really about fuli. One of my favorite episodes.

5 Never Roar Again Never Roar Again

This is the perfect episode to show theose people that bitch about Kion that he isn't a Gary Stu. Kion gained fantastic character development in this one, and seeing him face conflict is great to see, as it not only shows why Kion's my favorite character in the show, but it shows that he's not perfect like everyone likes to call him. Like seriously dudes; do you just ignore every little detail of the show aside from when Kion succeeds. Aside from Kion being amazing, I like the song and Ono gets a bit of development himself. I also love the moral. Normally I hate episodes where a power could be considered dangerous, as it usually leads to someone banning it. But this one got it perfect. Kion himself is considering getting rid of it; he's not being forced into it. My favorite part of the episode by far was when Kion spoke to Nala. I love that scene.

The one thing I DON'T like about this episode is that we have to forget about it to enjoy The Savannah Summit; which I will not do. ...more

6 The Trail to Undugu The Trail to Undugu

My bad, its udugu it doesn't have an N. - Gabriola

7 The Lost Gorillas The Lost Gorillas

Kion and his friends were retarded, disrespectful and ignorant of Africa's most important and rare endangered largest subspecies of eastern gorilla, the mountain gorilla in this episode and it's a serious big shock after kion deliberately manages and believes that he's stronger than these majestic gentle giant apes after they were innocently playing with pangolins and now this show is creating a serious chaos.Unlike the lion king's first television production "Timon and Pumbaa(1995-1999)" in an episode called"Truth or Zaire" with gorillas in that one where the characters themselves made kind-hearted gentle sweet friends with these primates these guys here knowingly mistreated the giants with disrespect before even making friends with them in time. Despite intelligence, heroism and brutal strength in Africa's lions, Gorillas the continent's largest of all primates are massively stronger and indeed highly more intelligent than the big cats. When it comes to heroic power, kindness and ...more

Worst episode ever made!

This is bad!

8 The Search For Utamu The Search For Utamu

Baby Bunga is so cute and innoccent. Unlike his grown up version

9 Can't Wait To Be Queen Can't Wait To Be Queen
10 Bunga and The King Bunga and The King

The Contenders

11 Janja's New Crew Janja's New Crew
12 Paintings and Predictions Paintings and Predictions
13 The Mbali Fields Migration The Mbali Fields Migration
14 Ono's Idol Ono's Idol
15 Return of the Roar Return of the Roar

This technically isn't a season 1 episode as it is a pilot or introduction 44-minute special. - Gabriola

16 The Rise of Makuu The Rise of Makuu
17 Beware the Zimwi Beware the Zimwi
18 Too Many Termites Too Many Termites
19 The Imaginary Okapi The Imaginary Okapi
20 The Kupatana Celebration The Kupatana Celebration
21 The Call of the Drongo The Call of the Drongo
22 Follow That Hippo! Follow That Hippo!
23 The Trouble with Galagos The Trouble with Galagos
24 Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder
25 Bunga the Wise Bunga the Wise
26 Ono the Tickbird Ono the Tickbird
27 Beshte and the Hippo Lanes Beshte and the Hippo Lanes
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1. Fuli's New Family
2. Lions Of The Outlands
3. Baboons!
1. Baboons!
2. Never Judge a Hyena By It's Spots
3. The Trail to Undugu


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